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The Benefits of Recycling Houston Steel And Iron

Recycling steel and iron is something that people are being encouraged to do. Companies and individuals are finding that recycling Houston steel and iron is worth taking the time to do. When recycled steel is used the amount of energy depleted is significantly less. Using recycled steel to  make new items saves 74% energy compared to using brand new steel.

The steel industry has long understood what individuals are starting to understand now; that steel can be recycled an endless amount of times. Steel has been recycled by professionals in the industry for over 150 years now. Of all the materials in the United States that are recycled, steel is reycled the most. Most steel mills recycle scrap metal and, as a result, both air and water pollution are reduced by approximately 70%. Even the consumption of water is reduced by 40% when metal is recycled. The consumption of energy goes down by 74% as a result of using recycled metal.

Steel, iron and other materials all make up scrap metal. Since the majority of household appliances these days contain scrap metal it is important for people to know that when they purchase a new household appliance they should turn the old one into a local recycling center. When new household appliances are made from recycled materials 65% of those materials are steel.

More than 65% of the total amount of steel used in the U.S. is made from previously recycled steel. Recycling even one ton of steel saves 120 pounds of limestone as well as 1,400 pounds worth of coal and 2,500 pounds worth of iron ore.

Another excellent reason to recycle Houston steel is that on a yearly basis the U.S. collectively saves an amount of steel sufficient to power the entire city of Los Angeles for a period of 10 years. That being said, when steel is made from recycled materials 75% less energy is used. This means that the energy saved by using recycled materials could give power to 18,000 residences.

What people may not realize is that they can support steel recycling simply by owning a car. This is because cars are made almost exclusively from recycled steel. When an older car is no longer being driven as much as 75% of the materials used to make that car can be recycled to make new cars. On a yearly basis anywhere from seven million to eight million cars recycled. The scrap metal industry benefits from this because roughly 37% of scrap metal comes from cars that have been recycled.

Not everyone realizes the value of scrap metal. In 2007 of all the items the U.S. exported to China, scrap metal came in second on the list of largest exports sent to the country.

When it comes to the metal supply in Houston, it is always helpful for Houston steel to be reycled.

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