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Surplus Hex Bar

Less-Than-Prime© Hex Bars 

Texas Iron & Metal offers one of the largest supplies of surplus steel for sale in Texas, including Less-Than-Prime (LTP©) steel hex bar. Less-than-prime steel is a viable and cost-saving alternative when prime steel is not a requirement. Despite minor surface imperfections and defects, our Less-Than-Prime steel hex bars retain all the desirable qualities of their prime steel counterpart. Our excess steel hex bars come in all dimensions and grades, so we can meet all your application requirements and save you money!

Contact one of our steel experts to help you determine which less-than-prime steel hex bar products are an option for your next steel project.

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Hex Bar in stock
imageskudescriptionlengthQuantityAdd to Quote
BH1116L1 1/16" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH112L1 1/2" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH114L1 1/4" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH118L1 1/8" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH11116L1 11/16" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH134L1 3/4" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH138L1 3/8" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH1516L1 5/16" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH1L1" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH12L1/2" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH14L1/4" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH11-16L11/16" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH15-16L15/16" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH212L2 1/2" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH214L2 1/4" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH234L2 3/4" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH238L2 3/8" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH258L2 5/8" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH2L2" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH312L3 1/2" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH334L3 3/4" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH3L3" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH34L3/4" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH38L3/8" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH4L4" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH58L5/8" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH716L7/16" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH78L7/8" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)
BH916L9/16" HEXAGON BAR (Less-Than-Prime)

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Frequently Asked Questions

LTP© is the term we use for any type of material that may not be in good enough condition to be sold as prime quality. It could be overstock, odd size, rusty, clean, pitted, damaged, reject, miscut or, in some cases, just a great buy! In many cases, LTP© products don’t have mill test reports available.

While our LTP© steel and pipe is purchased in many different grades and types, we don’t sell it as a certain grade of material unless it is certified to be that grade and/or has mill test reports. In many cases, we mark the material with the information that it had mentioned on it when it came to us. We can’t be certain as to the grade, so use this information at your own risk.

Unless you need mill certification for your material or you must have very clean material, we feel that it is of a great value to buy our LTP© steel or pipe. Our customers typically save from 10-40% or more, depending on the type of material purchased.

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