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Since 1939, Texas Iron and Metal has provided Houston with quality prime and Less-Than-Prime© steel.

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Texas Iron & Metal’s Quality Steel Supply in Houston

Texas Iron & Metal is a Houston steel supplier that has offered a quality steel supply in Houston at great prices and with excellent customer service since 1939. We provide quality prime and Less-Than-Prime® steel, pipe and other industrial products. We offer our customers a varied selection of metal and steel supply in Houston, including carbon and alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We also offer metal products such as angle iron, wide flange, beam, channel and plate. With just one phone call, Texas Iron & Metal provides all the materials you want, when you need them.

We buy surplus steel and surplus pipe from businesses in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Some of our steel supply in Houston comes from foreclosed businesses, project design changes, or from overstock and surplus material.

With a conveniently located steel supply in Houston, we will deliver your steel, pipe and other products as soon as you need them. We accommodate almost any delivery schedule, and can provide same-day, after-hours and weekend service.

Call Texas Iron & Metal at 888.940.3286 or visit our facility and browse our steel supply in Houston.



  • Does Houston have a high demand for Steel?

    When it comes to a high demand for steel, few US cities match Houston. The Bayou City is largely considered to be one of the most important industrial centers in the world. In fact, the city was recently ranked number one among all of the U.S. top manufacturing cities by Manufacturers’ News Inc. Here’s a look at just a few of the biggest Houston industries that are driving the high demand for steel supply:

    • Maritime.  Texas has been ranked as the top exporting state in the country for over a decade, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This is largely thanks to the Port of Houston, which links the city with 1,043 ports across 203 countries. From the ships themselves to the docks, the maritime industry has a high demand for reliable steel supply in Houston.
    • Energy.  Houston is also the nation’s energy headquarters and a global nexus for nearly every segment of the oil and gas industry. Steel suppliers in Houston are needed for the steel tubing that is used to drill for oil and gas, as well as all of the fittings and components utilized with it. 
    • Manufacturing and technology. Houston employs nearly a million skilled workers in over 6,000 manufacturing firms. Every one of these companies utilizes a wide array of steel products including steel sheets, piping, tubing, and I-beams. With such a high concentration of manufacturing and technological companies it should come as no surprise that the steel supply need in Houston is greater than that of almost any other city.

    [Published by Texas Iron and Metal on January 14, 2016]

    The city of Houston has an impressively high demand for steel thanks to it being considered one of the most bustling industrial centers in the world. In fact, Manufacturers’ News Inc. recently ranked this city as the leading United States city in the manufacturing industry. Interested in learning why the steel supply and need in Houston is so great? Check out these top industries that are driving the high demand:

    • Energy. When most people think of Texas, their minds often go to large oil drilling rigs littering the grassy landscape. The Houston region has long been a focal point for the oil and gas industry and this is an industry that requires tons of steel tubing as well as smaller steel-comprised fittings and components to create the drills, pipes, and other infrastructure necessities to keep the energy industry thriving.
    • Maritime. Houston’s unique location on the Gulf in addition to its being an energy headquarters has earned it a coveted port ranking. According to the United States Census Bureau, Texas has been the umber one exporting state for the last decade primarily thanks to the Port of Houston and its links to over two hundred countries. This booming maritime industry requires a huge amount of steel to keep its docks in order as well as to build and repair the thousands of ships that go in out of Houston’s harbor every year.
    • Manufacturing. Houston has a massive concentration of manufacturing and technology companies that require a great variety of steel products to both construct their premises and produce their goods. In fact, these companies combined lead Houston’s high demand for steel.