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4 Reasons Children Enjoy Outdoor Play Due To Steel Tubing In Houston

You already know the many uses of steel tubing in Houston for commercial and residential construction projects. This strong tubing can be used in building structures and for the plumbing systems of buildings as it can transport water for drinking and industrial purposes. Other places where you can find this tubing include gates and fences. Yet adults are not the only ones benefiting from this versatile steel product. Children are enjoying steel tubing that is used in the construction of playground equipment. Here are the 4 reasons children are enjoying their outdoor play even more due to steel tubing.

1: Play Domes

Back in the heyday we would call these structures monkey bars. Today, children know them as play domes as the child can climb up the tubes to the top, hang upside down by their knees, and weave their bodies through the geometric openings. The tubing may be painted or left its natural steel color as kids spend hours of fun in the dome.

2: Sliding Poles

Kids love to pretend while they are playing on the playground slides. One type of game they like to play is to pretend that they are firefighters as they grab the slide pole and whoosh down the metal as if the fire alarm has gone off. Kids will also try to climb up the slippery pole. With the number of hours and days of play kids find with it, fewer poles will end up going to scrap yards and surplus steel companies.

3: Monkey Bars

Kids can test their arm strength with monkey bars made out of steel tubing in Houston.They swing from the overhead bars and count how many they can grab while swinging across before dropping to the ground. When kids get strong enough, they can pull themselves up on top to play king of the mountain as they can look out as far as the eye can see over the playground.

4: Playsets

When it comes to playsets, steel tubing dominates due to its kid-friendly shape and ease of gripping. It can become railing for stairs, rails for bouncy bridges, and structural support beams. The steel tubing in Houston can also become fencing along ramps for smaller kids to protect them from falls. No other shape truly can compete when it comes to the safety of children playing on it.

Steel products are essential to our everyday lives from the structures we live in to the equipment that children play on. Having this steel available allows us to create new things that can improve our daily lives. When you are looking for new or used steel in Houston, contact Texas Iron and Metal. We can supply you with the steel products that can be crafted into play equipment so kids can be entertained for years.

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