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4 Ways To Get Your Steel Supply In Houston Organized During A Business Foreclosure

Looking over the extra stuff stored in your warehouse, you notice old office equipment, trash and an excess steel supply in Houston from a previous work project that never got off of the ground. You will need to find a way to get rid of the things during the business foreclosure. Yet you would hate to have the items just end up at a landfill somewhere. While you may be able to donate the office equipment, the extra surplus steel can be used by construction and industrial companies. We here at Texas Iron and Metal have gathered together the 4 ways to get the steel organized for steel suppliers so you can clean up the foreclosed business and get paid for the surplus steel.

1: Separate The Steel

Separate the steel by type and condition. Place new angle iron in a separate pile from surplus pipe as you can check out the steel and remove products that are just too degraded to be used again. Yet before you discard worn, rusted and pitted steel, contact our steel supply company as the extra steel may still be in fair condition to be bought and resold.

2: Gather Mill Test Reports

If you have the mill test reports for the steel supply in Houston, you can give it to our company when we buy the surplus from you. The mill test report allows us to mark what grade the steel is before selling it. This information can be used by other companies who want to purchase a certain grade that we have in stock. If you don't have the mill test reports available, that is okay as we can still buy the steel from you.

3: Make Arrangements For Pickup

You may already have the trucks to bring the steel supply to our location. If you don't have transportation, you may decide to rent a truck or make arrangements with the foreclosure clean-out business to have the steel taken to our stock yard. Always ensure that the rental truck is large and long enough to move the steel in its current condition. If you cut the steel down without telling our company beforehand, then we may not be able to buy it as we had previously discussed.

4: Always Call The Steel Supplier First

Always call the steel supplier who will be purchasing the steel supply in Houston. Some places have certain restrictions about the types of steel that will be purchased. In addition, we may be overstocked with certain steel and simply can't take anymore. By calling beforehand, we can discuss with you about the steel and other metal products that we will take and how much we could offer to you for bulk supplies.

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