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Steel Import Restrictions Needed for U.S. Businesses to Participate in Harvey & Irma Rebuild.

After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma devastated cities and towns throughout southern Texas and all over Florida, the topic of conversation has turned towards rebuilding. Americans all over our nation want to do their part – donate money, help cleanup, and even produce goods for the infrastructure rebuild.

While companies are gearing up to help, the steel pipe and tube industry is not certain on what its role will be. U.S. companies want to participate in the rebuilding process, but do to the unfair competition, concerns have developed. Specifically naming China, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam as top importers of steel products, the Committee on Pipe & Tube Imports urged President Trump in a letter on August 28 to “take immediate action”.

Although the biggest threat is to domestic steel pipe and tube companies’ bottom lines, the social impact in inevitable as well. Houston- and Florida-based companies want to do their part and participate in cleaning up their own cities’ infrastructure. However, with foreign producers cornering the market, many fear they will won’t be able to help rebuild their communities.

Going back just 12 years to when Katrina hit, American steel pipe and tube companies produced hundreds of thousands of tons for New Orleans’ extensive infrastructure projects. However, without steel import restrictions – made possible by Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act – U.S. producers of steel products will continue to see a decline in sales, and will not be able to compete with foreign suppliers to contribute to rebuilding efforts right here in the U.S.

Even though the industry is experiencing challenges, Texas Iron & Metal prides ourselves on providing only the highest quality products. Rest assured, we’ve been around since 1929 and we’ll always be here to serve Houston and all others who need our material. As cleanup continues in Houston and Florida, remember us as your go-to for supply on demand.