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Steel Channel Can Be Used For More Than Building Framing

Somewhere in the world, a worker places down a steel channel as part of his job. This steel will be used as building framing for the next home, office building, factory or other type of structure. The building will be a place for people to live or make a living.

As the United States seeks to rejuvenate the steel industry so that Americans will not have to rely so heavily on steel exports, steel channels remain the number one type of metalwork people use the most for their projects. Also called angle iron based on its form, these channels will be used as structural reinforcement to hold up drywall and secure building studs to make the structure safe.

Yet this steel has uses besides as structural support for the tall buildings and skyscrapers. It can also be used in other applications that don't require the metal to flex or bend. People across the country are looking into new and innovative ways to use this very popular steel product as you may find a unique use in your projects. Check out the following list of uses for steel channel.

Metal Tracks: Due to the unique U-shape of the steel, it can be used as a metal track where you can place a movable rolling conveyance, such as a cart or wheeled flatbed, from one destination point to the other in a straight course. The wheels of the conveyance fit inside the channel width as the sides keep the conveyance stable on the track.

Wire Ducts and Supports: In some instances, wiring may be strung across long stretches of open space outdoors as strong winds and heavy rains can threaten to knock down the wiring. Steel channels can be used in these areas where the wiring must be protected from falling on workers below. It can also be placed as duct work as cables and wire can be run throughout a building.

Ceiling Fixture Supports: In areas where there are bare ceilings without the use of drywall to cover wooden support beams, a steel channel can be used as ceiling fixture supports. Things that may be supported by these channels include light fixtures, ceiling exhaust fans, and pipe work.

While there are other types of structural steel available, none have the versatility that can be found in steel channel. As it remains the most popular type of steel throughout the world, there will still remain a steady demand for both new and surplus channels in all industries. For this reason, people need to support the country's steel manufacturing industry and companies such as Texas Iron & Metal that provide surplus steel to both individuals and commercial businesses.

The steel is available and waiting. All people need to do is use it for their projects to take advantage of its great benefits.

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