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Since 1939, Texas Iron and Metal has provided Houston with quality prime and Less-Than-Prime© steel.

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Buy Steel Channel from Texas Iron & Metal

Looking for steel channel for your next big project? Visit Texas Iron & Metal to find all the surplus steel and steel channel you need, along with a variety of other products and materials, in large quantities and at great prices. Whether it’s surplus pipe, prime and Less-Than-Prime® steel or steel tubing in Houston, you can find all of it at our yard and warehouse.

Texas Iron & Metal maintains our low prices because we are buyers of metal and steel channel from all over North America, including from foreclosed or closed businesses, project design changes or simply from overstocked or surplus inventories. Buying from these sources allows us to offer high-quality materials at great values.

When you contact us to acquire your steel channel, we will strive to provide the best customer service throughout the process. Our professionals help you understand your options and the best products and materials for your next project, and we can provide mill reports for prime products when available. We will also deliver your order when you need it, whether it’s same-day or outside business hours.

Call Texas Iron & Metal at 888.940.3286 or visit our facility for more information about steel channel and other items in our inventory.

What are the uses of structural steel channel?

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  • What are the uses of structural steel channel?

    Published by on September 14, 2015

    Channel steel is a common construction component and typically made from hot-rolled steel with a wide, flat surface and flanges at right angles on either side. The outer edge is sharply angled while the inner surface contains radius corners. The channel provides stability while the wide, flat surface is ideal for affixing items and providing support. In its largest form, channel steel is used to support bridge decks and other very large object and has the ability to absorb flex and other forces that might damage more rigid I-beams and H-beams.

    Various Sizes and Uses

    Because it comes in a variety of sizes, the steel components are used widely in industrial use. One of the most common is for frame supports in the automotive industry. Sometime, the pieces are welded together to create a box-like structure, and they can be welded with the wide, flat surfaces joined to create an I-beam. The versatility of the channel structure enables industries to be more creative that with more rigid I-beams and other steel components. The channel also makes it relatively lightweight while still ensuring strength and rigidity for equipment frames and other industrial applications.

    Weather Resistance

    The channel steel also is beneficial for outdoor use, particularly when made with additional amounts of copper, nickel or chromium that makes the steel more resistant to corrosion. The combination of corrosion resistance and light weight make it a great option for light poles, towers, construction equipment, and other items that are exposed to weather.