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Why Our Surplus Steel Is the Perfect Material for Your Next Project

Surplus Steel If all the metals were high school kids, steel would be the Homecoming King and the quarterback of the football team. It’s that popular. Steel is one of the most commonly used metals across various industries for its durability, reliability, and light weight compared to other building materials. And the good news is, not all building projects and construction jobs require going to a supplier or warehouse and ordering prime steel. Depending on your needs, you could use surplus steel instead. You may have a few questions right about now, like what is surplus steel, where does it come from, and what are the benefits of using it in your projects?

What Is Surplus Steel?

Unlike some other building materials, the steel market isn’t linear. It is circular, since steel can be reused and recycled several times. That’s why surplus steel—large lots that are aged or non-traceable or just material sold at a discount to make room for material incoming for upcoming projects—is a budget-friendly option for your project. While some surplus steel could be perfect, sometimes there are flaws. We made up our own term for it: Less-Than-Prime©. Less-than-prime, or LTP© steel. LTP steel could have aesthetic issues, like scratches, rust, pitting or other minor damage. It may or may not have Mill Test Reports or MTRs but either way it is just a strong but might not have the pedigree.

Why You Should Use Our Surplus Steel

If you’re wondering why you should use our surplus steel instead of just getting steel manufactured to order, consider the following reasons.

You’re on a Budget

It’s no secret; prime steel is expensive. Even using pre-cut steel is pricey because buying new steel is inherently more expensive. Buying surplus steel instead of ordering prime steel is a great way to cut overall costs without compromising on strength or integrity. We have a wide variety of products, and we check for quality of the material when it arrives. If there is something significantly wrong with it, we will have that info. Our LTP steel can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of buying brand new. This will either increase your profit in a project or allow your business to invest in new opportunities.

You Have a Strict Timeline

You might be afraid that you don’t have the time to source the right surplus steel. Getting the good stuff is important, but you have your timeline to think about, especially as we experience nationwide shortages for building materials. That’s where Texas Iron and Metal comes in. We are absolutely not a scrap yard with a heap of metal you have to pick through. With one of the most comprehensive organization systems around, we can find exactly what you need right away. No more jumping from supplier to supplier just to be turned away. With us, you’ll know immediately whether we have what you’re looking for. More importantly, if it’s not on premises, we can source it for you much faster than you’d be able to find it yourself.

Customer Service Matters to You

We’ve been doing this for nearly a hundred years, which means our family has learned a thing or two about service. It’s why our customers keep coming back over and over. We offer an unparalleled selection and extremely quick turnarounds. If we can’t get it for you, then nobody can. Our promise is simple: from the moment you give us a call to when your materials arrive on the job site, your experience will be seamless. We pride ourselves on that trust. With Texas Iron and Metal, you’re in good hands from start to finish, guaranteed. So, if prime steel isn’t absolutely necessary, consider giving our surplus steel a chance to save money, meet your timelines, and have the best customer service experience around.

Get Started with Surplus Steel

Since 1939, Texas Iron & Metal has been a family-owned and run business providing Houston with quality Prime and Less-Than-Prime© (LTP©) steel, pipe, and other industrial products. From carbon and alloy steel to stainless and aluminum, we stock a wide range of material in varying quantities across the U.S. With our knowledgeable staff committed to ensuring smooth transactions, we make it easy and quick for you to find what you need, purchase it and load it up. At Texas Iron & Metal, we can provide the materials you want when you need them, with just one call. You want it, we’ve got it. That’s supply on demand!