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We Want Your Excess Inventory!

Whether you want to avoid a large tax bill, to free up space at your location or bring in needed funds, sell Texas Iron & Metal your excess inventory of steel, pipe and industrial equipment. We keep our customers’ information confidential and handle all purchases with discretion. With it being the end of the year, there is no better time to sell your surplus steel, aluminum, stainless and alloy pipe, structural shapes, plate and other industrial products and equipment!

Whether you have excess inventory now that a job is over, are looking to organize and cleanup a facility, need space to handle a large job that is coming in or simply want to bring cash in for selling material left over from a job, Texas Iron & Metal is known for being a top-rate surplus buyer.

A Surplus of Reasons to Sell to Texas Iron & Metal

1. We have nearly 80 years of experience facilitating and structuring clear, organized and successful deals.

2. Our team knows the hurdles you may face in your sale, and we work together to overcome them.

3. We strive to help you make a deal that’s advantageous to your company’s bottom line.

4. We guarantee a smooth transaction with no surprises – in other words, the Texas Iron & Metal team does exactly what we say we’ll do.

5. We’re a direct buyer, not a broker, so you won’t waste time searching for a buyer only to have an apparently solid deal fall through. Plus, you won’t pay a broker’s fee.

6. We handle any inventory quantity, large or small. With our facility and logistics experience, we can accommodate all sellers.

7. Selling your surplus material to Texas Iron & Metal will mitigate risks of hanging on to the inventory, like high maintenance and handling costs, lack of adequate space at your facility and missed investment opportunities for your business.

8. Texas Iron & Metal pays finder’s fees if we purchase materials as a result of a lead you bring us! So, if you know someone with surplus material to sell, tell us!

Texas Iron & Metal promises competitive bids, prompt payment and quick removal of inventories. To get started with your sale, complete the form on our website or call 800.839.4766.