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Top 3 Most Popular Ways Steel Channel is Used.

Available in many sizes and thicknesses, steel channel is a versatile product used across different industries. When compared to other structural steel products, channel is lighter and more flexible. Used mostly in structural applications, steel channel is a common material found at most steel suppliers, like Texas Iron & Metal.

Here are the top three most popular ways steel channel is used:


Steel channel is often used to build walls for structures like garages, warehouses, workshops and other metal buildings. In this application, the material is used like studs in conventional wood framing, running vertically from the bottom plate of the wall to the top plate. Steel channel can bear the vertical load of the building, and when compared to a wood stud, steel channel can support a much greater amount of weight and it is much more rigid.


Steel channel can be used as rafters on light-duty roofs. Running from the eaves of the roof to the ridge, this material provides support for the roof deck. By using steel channel instead of wood, the rafters can be smaller and lighter, while still supporting the same amount of weight. Compared to wood, steel channel is stronger and longer lasting, and it will not be damaged by rot, fungal decay or moisture.


Steel channel is often used to construct the frames of vehicles and is often specially formed for that particular function. Heavy-duty steel channel is typically used to create the main frame rails, running from the front of the vehicle to the back. Lighter steel channel can also be used to create cross members, braces or for structural components such as radiator supports. When used in a vehicle, steel channel provides enough strength and rigidity to prevent the vehicle from flexing too much, while still allowing a bit of movement to compensate for the torque produced by the engine.

Steel channel can be used for many other structures as well, such as window and door frames, railings, stair stringers, bridge trusses or guard rails. It is a versatile product that is strong, light and relatively maintenance-free. If your upcoming project requires steel channel, stop by Texas Iron & Metal or speak with one of our knowledgeable sales associates to help you determine exactly what you need.