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Why Choose Texas Iron and Metal?

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Surplus Steel

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Discounted Prices

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Wide Variety

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We Buy and Sell Surplus

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Are there advantages to buying surplus steel?

Yes, there are several advantages to buying surplus steel. The most important benefit is cost. Surplus steel is less expensive than similar new products, and often about the same quality. It may have minor defects or slight corrosion from being stored, but still has plenty of useable life and hundreds of different uses. It offers a better value for your money, and stretches your dollar further. Another advantage of buying surplus steel is that it is good for the environment. Manufacturing new steel requires a significant amount of energy to mine ore deposits, process the ore into suitable raw materials and manufacture finished steel from it. Surplus steel is also bought locally, minimizing fossil fuel usage for transportation. Finally, surplus steel may have blemishes or a natural patina that can add a distinct aged or distressed look to a project.

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Where do the materials come from?

Surplus steel can come from many locations; most are local, but some are a bit further. It is typically material that has been sold as unused excess from construction projects, unused inventory from stores that have gone out of business, or closeout deals from businesses that ordered too much of a particular product. By reselling the excess steel, these businesses can make some of their investment back, and put the materials to a better use, rather than storing them where they will eventually become damaged and lose value. By purchasing these materials for a fair price, our team at Texas Iron & Metal can pass the savings along to our customers.

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Do you also buy excess materials?

Yes, our team at Texas Iron & Metal is always interested in buying excess materials and surplus steel at reasonable prices. If the materials are not being used in your current project, or if your business cannot sell them fast enough, they will sit there taking up space and losing value as they age. By selling us your surplus steel, you can make back a significant amount of your initial investment and put the materials to a good use before they are destroyed by age. If you have surplus sell that you would like to sell, contact a member of our sales team today!


  • Texas Iron & Metal

    Enspiren Fitness

    Date Published : 18 May, 2016

    “Needed a bunch of steel for our new gym build out. Texas Iron & Metal was by far the least expensive out of many others that quoted and was able to get us everything we needed. The free delivery to boot was extremely helpful.”

  • Texas Iron & Metal

    Matt Lackey

    Date Published : 19 May, 2016

    “Texas Iron & Metal has always been good to myself and the customers I serve. Thank you for your support!”

  • Texas Iron & Metal

    Clayton Stewart

    Date Published : 01 Jan, 1970

    “I needed some iron on short notice and Thomas and the guys at Texas Iron and Metal did a fantastic job with accommodating me. Very professional and friendly. Thanks again for the help!”

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What types of surplus steel are available?

    Published by Texas Metal & Iron All types of steel are typically sold as surplus, including standard steel products like angle iron, steel channel, steel tubing, I-beams, bars, plates, sheet metal and pipes. Some products may be better to buy new, like pipes for plumbing applications, but in most cases, surplus steel is almost as good as equivalent products made with brand new steel. Because of the changing nature of surplus, be sure that if you are planning a large project with surplus steel that you buy all your materials up front, as they may never be in stock again, or they may have different specifications than the original materials.

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