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3 Ways Homebuilders are Using Surplus Steel to Build Sturdier Homes

It used to be that steel buildings were only found in industrial or major metropolitan areas, but not anymore. More and more builders of residential homes are foregoing lumber and wooden materials and relying upon surplus steel suppliers to provide them with essential building supplies.

Using steel materials to build different sections of a residential house makes the entire structure sturdier. A sturdier structure improves the safety and integrity of the home.

Wondering just how homebuilders are using steel parts when it comes to build a home? Here is a look at three ways homebuilders are incorporating surplus steel materials and parts into the homebuilding process.

Steel Framework

The framework of a home is extremely important. Build it out of subpar materials and the entire structure could become structurally unsound. Homebuilders are slowly starting to integrate steel parts into the framework of a house.

There are a number of ways steel can be used to build a house's framework. The steel can be used for certain parts, such as the support beams, or it can be used to build the entire frame of a house. How the steel is used when it comes to a home's framework really depends upon the builder and his or her comfort level in using steel parts.

The Roof

Roofs made entirely out of steel have increased in popularity over the years, but steel isn't just being used for the roofing materials - it is being used to build the roof structure.

Many homebuilders are starting to use steel beams or pipes as part of building the entire framework for the roof. Similar to the framework of the home, the roof can use steel for the entire structure or just small sections of it.

For example, some homebuilders like to use steel on the outer corners of the roof, as this increases its structural integrity. Making the corners of the roof out of steel is less time-consuming than making the entire roof out of steel.

The Garage

Garages, when built either separate from the home or as an addition to the existing structure, can be built out of steel. The entire garage structure is not typically built out of the steel, but the framework usually is built using this type of material.

Choosing to use steel as part of the garage structure is a popular choice, as sometimes the unit is not built using the same sturdy foundation that the home uses. The steel adds a certain level of stability to the garage that is not typically found when builders use wood or other materials.

Using surplus steel to build parts of a home is still a relatively new concept to the homebuilding industry, but it is catching on quickly. We, at Texas Iron and Metal, provide homebuilders with one of the largest inventory of steel pipes and steel tubing in Houston that can be used when building homes.

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