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3 Things to Expect When Purchasing Surplus Pipe from a Supplier

Does an upcoming home improvement or construction project call for the use of pipes? If so, you may want to consider purchasing your materials from the surplus pipe section of a local steel supplier, like Texas Iron & Metal.

Surplus items are materials leftover from a previous job and have been sold to a supplier for resale. These items have not been used. So they are technically not classified as 'used', but they are not new as they do not come directly from the manufacturer.

Purchasing construction materials that are classified as surplus is not the same as purchasing the items brand new. The materials come with different reports, information, and expectations.

The following is a look at three things you can expect when you are purchasing surplus pipe from a metal supplier.

No Mill Reports

Every piece of steel, including pipes, that is manufactured comes with a mill test report. A mill test report is generated by the manufacturer and includes any, and all, import information about the item. It also guarantees that the piece or material that is manufactured meets engineering standards.

Information that is included on a mill test report includes:

When a pipe is purchased as surplus, mill reports are not guaranteed. Some surplus items will come with a mill report, if the individual who sold it to the supplier kept it, but more than likely the mill report is left behind or lost.

Testing is Available for Surplus Materials

Some projects require the use of pipes and other materials that have certain measurements and meet certain industry specifications. Unfortunately, without a mill report it can be difficult to know if certain materials can or cannot be used for specific projects. Luckily, you can request the pipes and other materials be tested.

Many suppliers will offer compliance testing for any materials, including pipes, which are being sold in surplus. This helps individuals know exactly what they are purchasing. It also gives them peace of mind that the materials they are buying are compliant with engineering or industry standards and specifications.

The Amount of Material Available for Purchase May Vary

Suppliers rely upon what others bring to them in order to create their surplus inventory. This means the amount of materials that are available for purchase can vary dramatically from day to day.

Most suppliers will try to make sure they have enough of a certain material to meet all customer/client needs, but when it comes to surplus items, only those that have been offered for resale may be available. If there are not enough materials for an entire project, new and used pipes can supplement the materials purchased as surplus.

Understanding what to expect when purchasing surplus pipe and other surplus can help make the buying experience easier. Stop by Texas Iron & Metal to find the largest inventory steel supply in Houston and to receive help finding surplus material for your next home improvement or construction project.

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