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Why Choose Texas Iron and Metal?

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Square and Rectangular Steel Tubing

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Cut to Order

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No Minimum Order

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Where to buy steel tubing in Houston?

Steel tubing is a versatile product that can be used as a structural component in buildings or vehicles, as fencing, for lightweight and durable fence or sign posts, or as pipe to transport fluids or gases. At Texas Iron & Metal, we offer a wide variety of square and rectangular steel tubing, in both carbon and galvanized varieties. Square steel tubing is available in cross-sectional dimensions ranging from ½ inches per side to 16 inches per side. The rectangular tubing comes in sizes ranging from 1 ½ in x 1 in all the way up to 12 in. x 8 in. Both are available in several thicknesses and several lengths.

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Can you cut it to size for me?

Yes, we will cut your steel tubing or any of our other steel products to size with a minimum order of at least $10. This makes it more convenient to transport your materials home in smaller vehicles and eliminates the need to borrow or buy extra tools for a single project. We also offer pipe cutting and threading services, as well as same-day and next-day delivery services. For orders delivered in the Houston area, the delivery charge is waived if the total purchase is more than $400.

At Texas Iron & Metal, we make it easy and convenient to find the products you need for your project, and we offer unparalleled levels of customer service.

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How to bend steel tubing?

Steel tubing can easily be bent to create things like curved roofs, curved walls and storage tanks. The tools for a precise bend, however, can be quite expensive, and it is often best to have the job performed at a pipe-bending service or a fabrication shop. Several types of machines are commonly used to bend steel tubing, using dies specifically designed for the job. These include press bending machines, roll bending machines and three-wheel push bending machines. The process can be difficult to do correctly, especially for those not familiar with the tools, and it requires plenty of practice.


  • Texas Iron & Metal

    Ryan Rugg

    Date Published : 18 May, 2016

    “Good pricing on used pipes, quick delivery always within the week and quick price quoting from their team. If you are looking for specific pipes, Cameron in sales does a good job finding them.”

  • Texas Iron & Metal

    Enspiren Fitness

    Date Published : 19 May, 2016

    “Needed a bunch of steel for our new gym build out. Texas Iron & Metal was by far the least expensive out of many others that quoted and was able to get us everything we needed. The free delivery to boot was extremely helpful.”

  • Texas Iron & Metal

    Matt Lackey

    Date Published : 01 Jan, 1970

    “Texas Iron & Metal has always been good to myself and the customers I serve. Thank you for your support!”

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How is steel tubing produced?

    Published by Texas Metal & Iron Working with Stainless Steel Tubing   It’s no secret that being a coastal city, Houston has its share of problems arising from salt wind and humidity-induced corrosion. It’s why having specialty stainless steel tubing is a must in many industries that are both directly in contact with a salty environment, such as shipping and offshore drilling, as well as those that aren’t, such as manufacturing.   Here’s a quick look at how you can best work with stainless steel tubing to ensure your operations are a success:   The Challenges of Stainless Steel Tubing Stainless steel has its very obvious advantages, but they’re advantages that come with some significant challenges. The two foremost being:   Stainless steel hardens the more you work with it. This makes it essential to keep as few bends as necessary when shaping tubing. Stainless steel must be kept sterile throughout construction as it is easily contaminated.   Quick & Clean Cuts Because of the first challenge, stainless steel tubing must be cut quickly, cleanly, and accurately. It’s why we only keep the sharpest and highest quality cutting tools at our facility.   Plan Out All Bends This is not a material that should be used for an impromptu project. We request clients needing stainless steel tubing to have their needs thoroughly mapped out to ensure precision first. Because stainless steel hardens the more it gets bent, too much re-working can create a significant safety issue.   Flaring for Best Fits Creating a flared end is the most popular way for joining pipe fittings. But it is once again important for clients to know the correct design before the process begins. The tube must be first chamfered and deburred to allow the tube to roll over for a smooth edge before applying the correct flaring tool.
    Published by Texas Metal & Iron Many commercial and industrial buildings use steel tubing as structural components, such as rafters for roofs or as studs or posts. They can also be used in pole barns on farms or ranches as corner posts, wall studs or horizontal purlins. On trailers, they can be used to support the roof deck or as main structural components of the frame, and they can be welded together to create the frame for custom automobiles. They can also carry fluids, and galvanized versions are often found in water catchment systems. Finally, they can also be used as simple, lightweight signposts or light posts. They are durable, economical and long-lasting.
    Published by Texas Metal & Iron Steel is a key aspect of the construction industry. Steel tubing is used to fortify a variety of structures including homes, bridges, commercial buildings, and even towers. For durability and longevity purposes, it’s important to get the best quality of steel. When you’re looking for the right steel to get your job done, consider these aspects of sourcing steel tubing in Houston:
    • Variety of products. Before you choose a steel supplier, you want to ensure they can source a variety of products. At Texas Iron & Metal, we boast a massive inventory of steel products that includes pipes, wide flange beams, sheets, I-Beams, welding wire, square and rectangular tubing, welding rods, and so much more. Need help narrowing down your needs? No problem. Ask for our downloadable inventory book (or for our print version).
    • Competitive prices. When you have a big project, you need a steel supplier who can get what you need within your client’s budget. Because Texas Iron & Metal sources much of our metal and steel products from across the continent due to situations like foreclosed or closed businesses, overstock inventories, and items discarded due to product design changes, we maintain ultra-competitive low prices. We also maintain an excess inventory in New Orleans.
    • Outstanding service. We know how important time-management is with big projects. That’s why we offer free delivery for any order in Houston with a minimum $400 purchase order. That includes same-day delivery and weekend deliveries according to the unique needs and preferences of the customer.

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