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Steel Supply and Steel Tubing in Houston Build Structures to Last Forever

For 74 years, steel tubing in Houston from¬†steel supply in Houston¬†has been incorporated into the state’s¬†strongest structures, and that construction is in demand even more today. ¬†The infrastructure of Houston’s tallest buildings contain strong steel¬†for durable¬†support. ¬†Steel continues to support and protect¬†when¬†massive concrete structures crumble due to natural disasters.

  • BBVA Compass¬†Stadium – When entering Houston from Highway 59, one of the first landmarks you identify is the unique BBVA Compass Stadium. Its interesting architectural design is made of steel tubing in Houston‘s multifaceted triangle patterns that connect the soccer stadium concrete with its aluminum exterior. The winner of multiple landmark awards, the stadium received praise¬†from architectural and building genre magazines from the date of its 2012 opening.
  • Reliant Stadium – Steel tubing in Houston is the primary strength in this huge stadium, from ¬†the reinforcements preventing concrete flooring from buckling to the immense retractable roof and its steel wheels to¬†facilitate its movement. Two tremendous trapezoid super trusses made of¬†steel support the entire roof.
  • Minute Maid Park – The ball park incorporates steel tubing in Houston and steel¬†panels which roll on steel¬†tracks of the stadium. ¬†The panels each weigh 1905 metric tons and roll on forged steel wheels over 35 inches diameter! This provides what surely should be lifetime cover for the famed ball park.¬†Minute_Maid_Park

The above referenced athletic arenas house thousands on any given sports day, and not only afford the spectators and participants great visibility and bad weather guard, these steel tubing in Houston structures are built to protect all attendees from any natural disaster armed with the ability to crumble concrete.  The funding investment also gives a strong protection, as these steel tubing in Houston structures are meant to last forever, still functioning and continuing to protect the people of Houston.

You should also recognize the newer composite systems (concrete is a¬†composite)¬†where traditional¬†structural steel sections are filled or encased with concrete. The overall performance and strength durability of these types of frames are ¬†better than either could offer individually. To take full advantage of the¬†new hybrids you are also able to¬†use “high performance” steels, concrete, polymers, and composites.

Just as the State of Texas is proud of its steel constructions, the staff of Texas Iron and Metal are justifiably proud to be a part of the industry that built them. ¬†The steel tubing in Houston company maintains their competitive edge by having a wide inventory of surplus material and expert professionals to assist you in your project purchase. ¬†Their slogan is “You want it, we’ve got it. Now, that’s supply on demand!”

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