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[Posted on Dec 28]

Industrial iron and metal supply comes in a variety of shapes, quality and sizes, even for steel supply in Houston. So for those getting into the process of ordering and utilizing steel and iron products for the first time, it’s helpful to have a bit of understand what steel and iron products are designed for. Not every product works for every construction project, and there are varying quality grades available as well. Obviously, a company shouldn’t be using rebar for support bracing but it works fine for reinforcing cement patios and foundation floors. Alternatively, a steel I-beam is probably overkill for structural support of a basic utility shed, but an angle beam may work just fine.

The best way to obtain steel supply in Houston is to not to guess on order details. Instead, using the help and advice of a technical expert will provide far better results and direction on choosing the right iron and steel products for a given project. There are multiple products to choose from as well as types of iron and metal production for industrial use. Some of the more common types include:

  • Angle beams
  • Square tubing
  • Tradition piping
  • Round bar or rebar
  • Coil
  • Channel beams
  • Steel plate
  • I-beams
  • Floor plating and bar grating

There are also different grades available in each product, meeting demand for steel supply in Houston in different ways. This is so buyers can match the right product with their need, whether it be just standard support purpose or high pressure and high temperature tolerance the right grade matters. One of the most frequent questions involves what the difference is between premium and non-premium iron and steel. In many cases, there is plenty of inventory of semi-used or not-new iron and steel which can be easily used for plenty of functions and at a lower price. The only difference between these products and newly manufactured metal is that it may be extra surplus, rusty, rejected, cut to the wrong size or similar reasons. These products likely can’t be used where a mill test report is required, but they can easily serve general steel functions where testing isn’t required.

For steel supply in Houston, both expertise guidance and quality product can be obtained from Texas Iron & Metals. The company has been in the business of iron and steel fabrication and production as well as distribution since before 1940. Handling iron and steel commodities as well as proprietary product in both premium and Less-than-Prime status, Texas Iron & Steel functions as major player in the Texas regional area for industrial metal supply. There are no minimum orders too small and the company handles both generic orders as well as custom specification ordering as well. Just by making a phone call to Texas Iron & Metals, a new buyer can be easily educated and guided to the right materials and ordering size for what is needed.

If a buyer needs a large amount of steel and iron supply, or has a pile of surplus metal that needs to be removed,

Texas Iron & Metals can help. The company is networked extensively with suppliers and aggregators across the U.S., Canada and even Mexico. This means that surplus iron and steel and find a new life rather than just taking up space and become hazardous junk. The company will help a buyer obtain large quantities at competitive pricing as well as help remove surplus that someone else can use in another state or product. Again, all it takes is for a buyer or customer to make a simple phone call to start the process.

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