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Steel Suppliers Houston Can Help You Find Creative Ways to Reuse Rebar

Rebar as functional art is a popular trend with landscapers, sculpture artists and carpenters. Strong, malleable and easy to weld, rebar comes in many sizes, lengths and textures. Not just used in the strengthening process of building and construction, Steel Supplier Houston can now provide rebar that runs the gamut from artistic expression to functionality in the form of re-purposing.

Decorative Rebar Railing and Furniture

The rustic decor for office buildings, both indoor and outdoor, can be enhanced by using vertical rebar railing instead of the traditional railing bars. The rebar is cut into equal lengths and placed into the pre-bored holes of the bottom railing. Then the top rail casing, with equally distanced pre-drilled holes cap the exposed ends of the rebar, encasing the rebar and creating a beautiful iron railing. This iron railing look makes a bold statement on a staircase in the foyer, or a balcony railing opened up to common areas. Rebar rods from Steel Suppliers Houston are cut to length to fit inside the frames of metal furniture foundations. The rebar are welded and spaced at least 1 ½ inches apart against the inside metal shelf lip of furniture frames. The iron foundations can be joined together with adjustable angle iron brackets, which allows for versatility for various frames within an office.


Longer rebar rods can be refurbished into lantern holding posts for outdoor areas and gardens. Using a rebar bending tool, or bending and shaping the rebar by hand, the top portion of the rebar should form a candy-cane like hook. Embed a heavy-duty iron opened end eyehook into the tip of the bowed rebar, and slip the handle of the lantern into the eyehook. Stabilize by hammering or pushing them securely into the ground. These lantern holding posts lend a western rustic look for outdoor entertainment areas. They are a welcoming sight for guest who arrive up a fenced lined driveway, and the rebar lantern holders will compliment any existing wood or iron fence.

For added patio privacy, rebar and glass garden walls are colorful alternatives to the traditional lattice screens. The rebar rods are threaded with various wine bottles, in which the ends are bored to allow the rebar to pass through. A wooden frame encases the glass and rods and installed at the end of a patio or porch. A freestanding wooden framed glass garden wall is a focal point behind a garden fountain.

Rebar in its simplest refurbished form can become simple structural essentials for garden sculptures. When terra cotta pots filled with plants are threaded through rebar, and angled out into different directions, the beautiful results is a topiary-like plant that can be moved around the yard.

Pier and Decking Chain and Rebar Railing

Using rebar as piling post, for a low chain or rope barrier adds character to the landscaping areas near a pond, lake or river. The tops of the rebar piling should be looped over to form “eyelets” in which to thread barge roping or heavy gauge chain through. The bottom of the rebar piling should be concreted into PVC piping flush with the ground level for stability. Evenly spaced, with the chain or barge rope threaded and hanging loosely between each rebar piling, the repurposed rebar becomes an inexpensive alternative to traditional waterside pilings.