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Why Choose Texas Iron and Metal?

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Variety of Steel Products

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Many Other Metals

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Prime or Surplus

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Free Delivery on Local Orders Over $400

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Who has the best inventory of steel in Houston?

At Texas Iron & Metal, we are proud to have one of the most diverse selections of steel products and related supplies in Houston and the surrounding areas. We feature a large variety of carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum and other metal products. We offer prime steel in many common grades, as well as value-priced less-than-prime steel that may have slight defects and an ever-changing inventory of surplus steel at great prices.

Our products include:

  • Angle iron
  • Steel channel
  • Steel tubing
  • Pipe
  • I-beams
  • Bars
  • Strips
  • Plates
  • Rebar
  • Hex bars
  • Bar grating
  • Sheet steel
  • Expanded metal
  • Welding supplies
  • Pipe fittings
  • Flanges

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What other metals do you deal in?

In addition to our extensive supply of carbon steel, stainless steel and galvanized steel, we also regularly carry several grades of aluminum, and may have other metals in stock depending on our inventory. (THINK THIS MAY BE TOO FAR FROM THE TRUTH). Call our sales team at Texas Iron & Metal if you are looking for a particular type of metal. We may have it or be able to order it for you.

We try to have the largest selection of materials possible available to our customers when they need them, and we if you can't find it, just ask our sales team.

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I’m looking for something specific. Can you help?

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team is always eager and ready to help. If you cannot find a particular product in our store or in our yard, feel free to ask. We will help you locate it among our current inventory, and help you load it up for purchase.

If the product is something that we do not normally carry, please talk to one of our sales team members. We may be able to order it for you, or find out who carries it. We work with several suppliers and can often easily order specific items.

We pride ourselves on our extensive commitment to superior customer service, and we carry many items that are difficult or impossible to find at other steel suppliers in the area.


  • Texas Iron & Metal

    Havoc HVAC

    Date Published : 16 May, 2016
    star rating

    “Dan, Carlos and Vasquez were all very helpful and knowledgeable. Dan helped me decide with type of steel plate to get, Carlos was very safe and efficient, and Vasquez handled the order with care. Thanks, y’all. I’ll be back soon!”

    Texas Iron and Metal
  • Texas Iron & Metal

    Eric Maier

    Date Published : 17 May, 2016
    star rating

    “Ordering was easy—Cameron helped out sourcing the correct materials. When I arrived, the team was just finishing up the preparation and cutting and everything was ready for the 10 a.m. scheduled will-call. Vasquez had the truck loaded in no time and I was off to my project. Friendly and helpful staff, even helped me pick out some drop steel needed for beam connection last minute. This is the third time buying from them and I am certain I will buy from them again.”

    Texas Iron and Metal
  • Texas Iron & Metal

    Zach Wilson

    Date Published : 01 Jan, 1970
    star rating

    “I have gone to Texas Iron & Metal twice so far to get some metal for my shop. The customer service was great. Even the guys in the yard were very helpful and respectful. The last time I went there, Esteban and the guys outside stayed a late to make sure my truck was loaded up with my material. Also, their prices are by far cheapest I have come around.”

    Texas Iron and Metal
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What are the benefits of buying local steel in Houston?

    Published by Texas Metal & Iron How Recyclers  Transform Rusted Ships into Valuable Scrap Steel The Port of Houston is one of the world’s busiest ports, alive with hulking commercial and military ships. However, even the toughest steel-hulled ship will eventually succumb to the trials of time and sea, and thus must be broken down so that the valuable scrap steel Houston can be reused. Nearly every part of the ship can be dismantled and recycled in a process known as ship-breaking, including the ship’s steel hulls, its metal flooring, stairwells, and other integrated components. It’s a hard job and takes a team of seasoned professionals as the ship must be pulled into place with a system of motorized cables and heavy chains that can be lethal should they break. Such dangers have led to many of the world’s ship-breaking to occur in countries with low labor oversight laws. However, U.S. laws, for obvious reasons, don’t allow for any naval ships to be sent for scrapping overseas. This has led to Houston’s nearby Brownsville being America’s biggest and best ship-breaking nexus and our favorite source for reclaimed steel in Houston.
    Published by Texas Metal & Iron Have a project in mind but not sure if your local steel supplier will have in stock? Here are some of the most common products that can be found at the local Houston supply shop:
    • Structural Beams & Bars.   Steel beams are the bones of many a construction project. They are what make bridges, towers, commercial buldings, and scaffolding safe and possible and can be found at most any steel supplier.
    • Piping & Tubing.   Steel pipes don’t necessarily have to round in their cross-section. Your local supplier will also have a variety of square and rectangular piping and tubing for use in industrial, public utility, food processing, and other applications.
    • Steel Plate.   Steel can also be rolled out into large plates for uses both in heavy construction products, such as ship building, and smaller consumer products, such as handyman toolboxes.
    • Steel Shot.  In addition to these large products, steel suppliers also carries very small aspects of steel such as in steel shot that can be used as ball bearings and ammunition.
    Published by Texas Metal & Iron Buying local steel is better for the local economy. It keeps the money you spend in your community, supporting job growth and helping your neighbors. By dealing with a local steel supplier in Houston, you also tend to receive better customer service, because you can form a long-lasting, face-to-face relationship, and you may save money on delivery fees and even pay lower prices. Additionally, a local supplier will often be more willing to work with you on pricing, special orders and payment arrangements. Finally, if you have any problems with the products from a local supplier, you are more likely to have your grievances solved in a timely and amicable manner.

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