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Why Choose Texas Iron and Metal?

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Available Credit Accounts

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Great Prices

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Several Delivery Options

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Valuable Discounts

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What determines the price of steel in Houston, TX?

There are many factors that affect the price of steel in Houston, TX. The most important, and most variable, is the market price of new or surplus steel. As a volatile commodity, the price of steel is subject to changes month to month, week to week, day to day, or even hour to hour, sometimes dramatically. This directly affects the prices that manufacturers pay for raw materials, and the prices that surplus buyers pay to acquire used steel.

Added to that are the production costs for new steel, along with the manufacturer's profit margins, then the cost of transporting and storing new or surplus steel on the way to the retailer. If there are any intermediaries in the process, more transportation and storage fees may be added, as well as their cut of the profit.

At Texas Iron & Metal, we try to keep our prices as low as possible, while still making a reasonable profit. We work hard to get bulk discounts, special deals and quality, low-cost, less-than-prime and surplus steel so that we can pass the savings along to our customers.

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Does Texas Iron & Metal Extend Credit?

Yes, at Texas Iron & Metal, we do extend credit to qualified customers through in-store accounts. The process requires a credit check and some identifying information, but it is relatively simple. To learn more about opening a credit account at Texas Iron & Metal, talk to one of our helpful sales staff today or fill out our online application.

In addition to the Texas Iron & Metal credit account, we also accept payment via cash, check, credit card, debit card, ACH transfers and wire transfers. For more information about any of these payment options, contact one of our sales staff today!

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What are last chance steels?

Last chance steels are any products that have been discontinued by the manufacturer or supplier, materials with minor defects, or leftover from special deals or surplus buys. They are available in very limited quantities, and once they are sold out, they are likely to never return again. As such, they are often available at a steep discount compared to the retail price, and offer a substantial value over similar products.

In addition to our last-chance steels, we also offer discount pricing on our less-than-prime steel, which may have minor imperfections, and our surplus steel, which is often in great, but not-quite-new condition.


  • Texas Iron & Metal

    Jose Garcia

    Date Published : 15 May, 2016
    star rating

    “Very quick service and friendly employees. The bandsaw operator, Vasquez, handled all my material very carefully and a timely matter. I would recommend Texas Iron & Metal to anyone trying to get their material in a timely fashion.”

    Texas Iron and Metal
  • Texas Iron & Metal

    Ryan Rugg

    Date Published : 17 May, 2016
    star rating

    “Good pricing on used pipes, quick delivery always within the week and quick price quoting from their team. If you are looking for specific pipes, Cameron in sales does a good job finding them.”

    Texas Iron and Metal
  • Texas Iron & Metal

    Enspiren Fitness

    Date Published : 01 Jan, 1970
    star rating

    “Needed a bunch of steel for our new gym build out. Texas Iron & Metal was by far the least expensive out of many others that quoted and was able to get us everything we needed. The free delivery to boot was extremely helpful.”

    Texas Iron and Metal
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What type of steel in Houston TX is used most often?

    Published by Texas Metal & Iron Why Should I Select Surplus Steel in Houston, TX? Surplus steel is the ideal construction choice for projects in which you’re looking for strength and durability but don’t require a perfect facade. With a large quantity of less-than-prime surplus steel, Texas Iron and Metal is the ideal choice for fulfilling your construction needs. Still not sure? Check out these reasons in favor for surplus steel:
    • Save Money.  Surplus steel is the ideal choice for those with hard budgets. We offer highly favorable materials at incredible rates ranging from 10% to 40% cheaper than new steel.
    • Durability and Strength.  When Texas Iron and Metal buys surplus steel from other owners and operators, we ensure that every inch we buy is top quality. In many of these instances, this is excess steel that has never been touched. This enables you to enjoy the same strength and durability as newly minted steel without the high costs.
    • Green & Sustainability Benefits.  Surplus steel is considered a sustainable material as it can be reused again and again. You give a new life to surplus steel and when you’re done it can be recycled for use in containers, appliances, and much more.
    Published by Texas Metal & Iron Industries That Use Steel in Houston TX Houston, TX loves its steel. It is a growing metropolitan port city defined by the three industries that are the largest steel consumers by sector: Construction, transport, and machinery/manufacturing. Each of these industries is always in need of both general-purpose and specially manufactured steel products in just a few of these key ways:
    • Construction uses of steel in Houston TX include H beams and similar shapes, structural pipes, galvanized steel sheets for roofing, and steel to construct the construction equipment itself.
    • Transport uses most famously revolve around the Port of Houston. This is one of the world’s largest shipping ports and is constantly requiring steel for use in repairing ships, building marine equipment and hardware, and construction of docks and bulkheads.
    • Oil and gas uses for steel in Houston TX range from stainless steel piping in drilling and production wells to steel valves and vats manufactured as part of the petroleum refining process.
    Because steel has a natural resistance to corrosion, it is naturally a great all-around choice for use in Houston’s coastal environment.
    Published by Texas Metal & Iron It depends on what the project calls for and the type of environment that it will be exposed to. For the highest amount of strength, carbon steel is a favorite among builders, though it is prone to corrosion and electrochemical reactions if it is not painted, powder-coated or otherwise sealed. It is most often used for the interior structure of commercial buildings, bridges, guardrails and other structures where superior strength is required. In areas that are exposed to moisture or salt water, galvanized steel is often used. It is coated with a thin layer of zinc that helps prevent corrosion and chemical reactions. For many applications that require hygienic, easily-cleaned surfaces, such as hospital or kitchen areas, food storage or medical equipment, stainless steel is used.

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