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Four Important Aspects of Forging Steel in Houston TX

We forge steel in Houston TX, and we take our work seriously. Our team pays attention to important building codes when forming support beams, girders, rebar and other metal pieces.


Here are some of the most important precautions we take when creating structural support for buildings:


  • We prepare materials using the correct metal formulations. This helps ensure that all structures are durable and stable. It also increases the likelihood that all warehouses, production rooms, office buildings, and homes pass government inspections. If a building is several stories high, we provide all advanced, rigorous tests to make sure all occupants are safe. Our objective is to be sure that the structures we fabricate hold weight, and that no shifting or settling occurs.
  • Our testers carefully monitor the composition of metals. We make sure all substances mix correctly during the smelting process when we form objects. When fabricating with steel in Houston, TX, we make sure we meet specific industry requirements when strength, performance and durability is a priority.
  • We adhere to specific beam sizes determined safe by the government. This further solidifies a building’s foundation, and it provides more certainty that a structure will withstand pressure at all points. This will prevent ceilings from caving in on people who live or work inside residential or commercial buildings. Beams that are the correct size for the infrastructure layout also keep the walls in position.
  • Our company complies with any additional fabrication requirements. We have to abide by certain federal occupational health and safety standards for our own company as well as the business-to-business clients we serve. We want to make buildings as strong and as fire-resistant as possible, and we use the highest-recommended procedures for forging steel in Houston, TX. Our crew abides by all welding, shaping and molding practices when generating product.
  • We disclose the different steel grades that we offer. For instance, we carry a Less-Than-Prime metal line that might work in certain scenarios where prime is not needed. We let people know that the LTP steel we offer may be rusted, odd sized or damaged. On the other hand, it might not be considered prime quality because it is overstock but still in excellent condition. Our staff can answer any questions customers have about quality and purpose of metal products we create.

Part of the reason many companies turn to us for building materials is because they know strong metal can help prevent fires. Furthermore, we also can consider aesthetics as we provide custom forging services because buildings have to appeal to certain appearance regulations.

Please contact Texas Iron and Metal today to receive more details about at least Four Important Aspects of fabricating steel in Houston, TX. We cut, weld and form every piece to precision.

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