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Mill Test Reports Ensure The Steel Near Houston Meets Quality Standards

Sometimes when you are looking for steel near Houston, you’ll see certain information marked on the steel concerning the grade of the material. You may be wondering what this information means. Do you need to understand what it says? Does it change the type of steel you want to purchase?

Understanding Mill Test Reports

On occasion, steel arrives to a scrap yard accompanied with a mill test report. Also known as a mill certification, certified mill test report or metallurgical test report, a mill test report is a type of verification of the chemical and physical composition of the steel. The document ensures that the steel has meet all quality assurance standards set by international standards organizations such as ASTM.

When steel becomes manufactured, a report is generated in regards to the raw material used. This report accompanies the steel to the supplier and then to the contractor, engineer or other end user to ensure the steel meets the project specifications. Knowing this information allows the steel to be used in the correct manner for the application, as it will lend durability and stability requirements when used as concrete reinforcement, building framing or other material projects.

In addition, the mill test report also allows the steel to be traced to the original manufacturer in case there are defects in the material. Information on the report will include the grade of the steel material, lot, heat number coil, width, thickness, length and other information. All manufactured steel near Houston will have a mill test report created.

How Metal Dealers Handle Mill Test Reports

When going to steel dealers, you may not find a mill test report or other information with the steel you want to purchase. Not finding a report doesn’t mean that the steel won’t meet your project requirements or be the grade you desire.

Much of the steel received by a steel dealer was steel either leftover from a project that was not needed or was salvaged after the demolition of a building, railroad, or other structure. After the initial project, the mill test report was no longer needed or the paperwork was lost after so many years. Steel near Houston that is turned in to a dealer does not need the mill test report to be sold to individuals who need it.

If the steel we receive does have a mill test report, we will mark the material with the information that was on the mill test report. We can only go by what the report says and cannot guarantee that the mill test report is correct. Yet you can still use this information for your project specifications if you wish. Having the information about the steel near Houston can help you decide if it will be right for your needs.

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