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Steel Facts that Might Surprise You.

Steel is commonly used for the infrastructure of our country, including the construction of railroads, buildings, bridges and stadiums. It is also relied on daily for automobiles and appliances. But we’ll bet you haven’t heard of some of these interesting facts about the material that is so widely used today.

The Material

• Steel is considered to be the sixth most common element in the universe – not just on Earth.

• Steel alloys are made from removing impurities found in iron, since pure iron is rarely found in the Earth’s crust.

• Steel is 1,000 times stronger than iron.

• The rusting processes slows down or can stop altogether when electrical currents pass through.


• Henry Bessemer is credited with birth of the steel industry because he developed the Bessemer converter that changes how steel was produced (which made it more efficient for larger quantities to be produced for less).

• Railroad companies demanded the first major mass of steel.

• 75% of existing types of steel have only been developed in the last 20 years – although the industry has been around since the 1850s.

Uses in Life

• Nearly all of the cans in a grocery store are made of steel.

• Steel is the most recycled material in the world. Did you know it can be repeatedly recycled without any loss in quality? Check out our surplus steel material for savings!

• The average computer is made up of about 25% of steel.

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