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Steel Dealers Offer Uses for Surplus Steel

Surplus metal and steel dealers offer a world of treasures, if you know where to look. Such companies take surplus metal items, such as supplier overstocks and items made from recycled product and offer them to new owners at prices dramatically less than purchasing prime grade items. Using surplus metal is also kind to the environment, as it reduces the demand for virgin raw materials.

What is surplus metal?

Surplus metal is a catch-all term that refers to any metal product that can't be sold as prime metal. This includes recycled products, extra unused steel from utility companies and other job sites, and  warehouse surpluses. Most surplus metal can be welded, painted, cleaned and cut to order just like prime metal. Surplus metal is not the rusty product you may imagine. Most surplus metal has been reconditioned so that it looks appealing and offers most of the properties of virgin steel. Surplus steel dealers, such as Texas Iron and Metal, generally offer surplus metal in a variety of shapes and applications. Like any surplus product, however, inventory changes daily and not all products are available every day.

Uses for surplus metal

How can you use the products you find at surplus steel dealers? Below are just a few uses for surplus metal and steel:

1. Home Remodeling projects. Surplus metals, like steel, can be used as structural supports to torque up a sagging floor or settling foundation. Such products can also be used to replace a support beam or wall while that portion of the house is being reconstructed. In addition, surplus metal can be used to create custom kitchen counter or other architectural elements or to make custom scaffolding to work on hard-to-reach areas of the interior or exterior of the house. Surplus piping can even been adapted for use as landscape edging, the perfect barrier against pesky crab grass.

2. Industrial applications. Industrial applications for surplus metal are all but limitless. Such industrial uses include creating barriers and temporary staging areas, making sign poles or fence posts, building dock pilings and bridge railings, and shoring up foundations and bulkheads, just to name a few uses.

3. General use. Surplus metals, such as steel, can also be used for a variety of general applications, such as creating new flag poles and chain link fencing.

About Texas Iron and Metal

In business since 1939, Texas Iron and Metal is one of the largest surplus metal dealers in the greater Houston area. Unlike many other steel dealers, we offer a wide range of surplus products, including steel pipe, sheet metal, floor grate, steel beams and pipe fittings. We offer fast, on-site loading; same or next-day delivery and saw and flame cutting to order. Our yard is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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