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Steel Dealers: Recycling and What It Means

Steel dealers in Houston recycle most products made from steel or various other materials. They take in old cars, tire rims, water heaters, etc., anything that can be melted down and converted back into ingots. The metal bars are then sold to manufacturing companies who melt it down once again and pour it into specific molds so they can make their particular product. During the smelting process, steel undergoes several processes to remove contaminants and prepare it for the next step in the process.

Recycled metal can be turned into a variety of objects. Steel tubing in Houston is just one type of product that can be produced using recycled steel and other metals. Recycling eliminates objects that would otherwise glut the landfill and raise the cost of vehicles and other metal objects we use every day.

If you are planning to recycle steel or other metals, there a few guidelines you must remember. One of the important things to remember is the difference between "clean" and "dirty" metal. Clean metal is mostly steel, has no rubber attachments of any kind and has had all glass and chemicals removed. An example of dirty or unclean metal would be a refrigerator or freezer that still contains freon or other chemical refrigerants. Steel dealers will help you learn what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to recycling metals.

Most salvage yards that take scrap metal demand junk cars require a signed title as a release to the destroy the car. Many want the car cut into sections and the tires and all rubber seals removed before delivery. In some cases, junk dealers will pay top dollar for old steel they can recycle or use in other ways.

Since the 1970's and 1980's, recycling has become more and more popular as time passes. What was once almost frowned on by many steel dealers, has now become a booming business. Recycled steel can be found in everything from tin cans and kitchen appliances to vehicles and tanks. 

Manufacturers often choose a dealer who is able to provide them with the size and quality of ingot they have available. Companies that make steel tubing and construction products always use dealers that rank high on the city's economic growth and development. The higher quality the metal, the more sound the structure.

Steel dealers often use specific processes and testing techniques to make sure the steel they produced is of the highest possible quality with as few contaminants as possible. While some contamination is possible, the majority of it is dispersed and eliminated as the smelting process advances. Professionals who work in the industry will be able to assist contractors in finding the right type of metal products for them to use at their facility.

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