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5 Reasons You Should Go To Steel Dealers And Browse Their Stockyards

Steel dealers, such as Texas Iron and Metal, are the ideal places to purchase new and surplus steel products to complete large or small projects. With more people recognizing that recycled steel still has the strength and durability needed in most construction projects, we here at Texas Iron and Metal find ourselves delivering our steel products to people throughout the Houston area. Yet we also encourage people to stop down at our stockyard to browse the products we have available. Here are 5 reasons why you should stop down at our stockyard in person.

1: Increase Your Knowledge About Our Product Selection

If you always purchase the same types of steel in Houston, TX, you may be missing out on other available products that we have in stock for your project. By coming to our stockyard and seeing what steel we have available, you can become knowledgeable about our products and rates. Then you will know that we have the steel available when you need a hard-to-find piece and can't find it at other steel dealers.

2: You Might Find Materials That Are A Better Fit With Your Project

As you look over the materials at our stockyard, you may find steel products that would work out better than what you wanted to purchase. You can modify your projects based on the large stock we have available and use the materials that better fit your budget instead of limiting yourself to only certain pricey steel materials.

3: Get What You Need Immediately

You might have a project deadline that requires you to have the steel materials immediately. While other steel dealers might take a few days to get you the products, we at Texas Iron and Metal can get you loaded up with your order in 30 minutes or less if you do not require the metal to be cut. We will work with your schedule so that you have the products you need in the fastest time possible.

4: Work With Our Helpful Team Members

Our team members are ready to assist you when you come to our stockyard. We can help you select the right prime and less-than prime materials for your project. We can explain the grades of steel available and the inventory that we carry. If you can't find the products that you require, our team members are on hand to try to locate it for you.

5: Compare Rates

Whether you are buying new steel or surplus steel that you will recycle into your project, you can easily check out our prices and compare our rates to other dealers in the area when browsing through the products in our stockyard. Often, you will find that you can save up to 10% to 40% when you purchase our less-than-prime steel.

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