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Eco-Friendly Builders Are Using A Steel Channel With More Frequency

There is a good reason why more builders are using a steel channel when they are building. It is one of the most environmentally friendly products on the market. It is comprised of approximately 25 percent of old scrap and 35 percent of new scrap as well as the remaining 40 percent coming from new materials. This makes it easy to recycle and gain a solid product used for the construction industry.

Steel channels are constantly being used for steel framing because of the benefits. For many builders, it is now the only product that they want to use when they are framing. It is strong, creates minimal waste, and is not affected by such elements as mold, pests or termites.

The cost of the steel is roughly the same as wood, but has more durability and reliability. Working with steel suppliers in Houston can help you to determine what the actual costs are and ensure you are getting the best possible price. There are always fluctuations in price, but a strong supplier can provide you with the best prices in the area – and ensure all of the product is delivered right to your work site.

A steel channel has a variety of environmental aspects that you should be aware of. If someone asks why you decided to build with steel, you want to be able to explain why it is the environmentally friendly choice over wood or any other product.

Steel provides improvements to air quality and offers a reduction in the use of fossil fuels. Additionally, it keeps water clean, which because it prevents bacteria from forming on it. Waste is also reduced with the use of steel because there is no composting process where corrosive gases are released. All of these benefits are compounded to make it a great all-around product not just in framing but for various other applications as well.

When you decide to start a construction project, don’t simply reach for wood because that is what most people are using. There are a number of eco-builders that have begun reaching for steel channels because it is the better product to use with framing. Especially in certain areas of the country where termites and pests are significant threats, home and business owners would agree that the structure should be framed from steel so that it is not an issue.

Since stainless steel uses 60 percent of recycled materials, it is a clear choice when you want to build anything in an eco-friendly manner. Too many companies focus on cost without exploring other options. As long as you work with a strong steel supplier in the area, the cost is no greater than the wood in most cases. This ensures that you stay on budget and build a premium product that is also good for the environment.

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