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A Used Steel Channel Is Becoming A Modern Interior Decorating Idea

When a person mentions using a steel channel in a home, most people think about building walls in commercial buildings or homes. They may also think about using this steel as a structural element to promote stability in other structures such as railings. Yet steel channels have many uses in the interior design aspect of a home, creating modern and industrial decorating ideas that make the steel into modern works of art.

The reason steel channels can be used in the home is because of its strength and functionality. The unique channel aspect can allow objects to slide along the length of the steel, as often people utilize channels in sliding door applications for stability and support. A sliding door attached to a channel hanging in a door opening can be placed anywhere in a home as a closet, pantry, bathroom or to separate two connected spare rooms to give added privacy.

Steel channels can also be used in smaller decorating ideas. Support heavy wall shelves with steel channels as people who love making interior do-it-yourself projects are going to scrap metal suppliers to purchase used channels. The channels have the perfect wall hangers as all they have to do is measure the channel opening and buy wooden boards to slide into the steel channels. When the person gets tired of the shelving, or the shelving becomes damaged, all they have to do is slide the old shelf out and slide in new shelving.

A steel channel can also be used to attach heavy artwork to walls where a regular nail or wall hanger attachment might pull out of the drywall do to the excess weight. With more people getting creative with their artwork -- choosing large wood panels or even painted tiles as wall art -- steel channels can attach to several wall studs and distribute the weight of the wall art without focusing it on just one area of the wall.

Even angle iron is having a place in the decorating spotlight as it is used as trim on doors. The iron trim protects sharp corners from abuse while adding a unique design theme to the room.

So while builders and contractors are purchasing steel channels to construct buildings, don't forget the other uses of this versatile steel product. Also consider the fact that there is an abundance of surplus steel available that will work with your needs as you can recycle the steel for your home interior decorating projects. So when you are looking for steel channel for your home, go to Texas Iron and Metal to get new and used surplus steel. You will find good quality steel at great prices to use in your interior decorating ideas. With the amount of new and used steel available, incorporate it into your next home decorating theme.

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