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4 Places In Your Home Where You Can Use Steel Channel

People often see steel channel and have no idea where they could use it in their home projects, assuming this versatile metal is only used in the construction industry. Yet these channels have many uses in the home - from protecting wiring to hanging up heavy objects on the wall. The possibilities are endless where you may use this metal in your home, as purchasing it from Texas Iron and Metal allows you to save money whether you are buying new steel or surplus steel to save a bit more money in your wallet. Here are 4 place in your home where you may find benefits in using this handy material.

1: In The Backyard

How many times have you run over an electrical cord running from the house to the pool filter or out to the garage all because you didn't see it in the grass when mowing the yard? Having those sharp blades hacking up every new electrical cord is an expense you want to avoid. Placing a metal channel over the wire can help protect it as well as be a reminder to you to move the electrical cord the next time you are out moving the lawn.

2: In The Hall

Lots of people have that one corner of the wall that juts out, taking the most abuse from toys, chairs and other items carried down the hallway. The corner is dented and chipped as you have had to fix and paint the corner again and again. Metal channels such as angle iron can protect wall corners in halls and rooms. Then you can paint over the metal to match the wall color.

3: In Closets And Pantries

While having an open closet or pantry can be a time saver when you want to grab an item quickly off a shelf or closet rod, these places can accumulate tons of dust because they are open. To prevent the occasional dusting of cans or your best dress shirt, you can easily install a sliding door as it can become your next DIY project. All you need is a steel channel, hanging door and a bit of elbow grease. Then you will have the perfect sliding door that still allows easy access to your items yet minimizes the dust.

4: Storage Spaces

Garages, basements and storage rooms can get cluttered with items. Organize the space by installing shelving, hanging organizers and other storage solutions. You don't have to purchase expensive shelving kits when all you need to create the shelves in your home is steel channel and pieces of wood that can easily slide into the open edge. You can get creative in numerous ways while staying in your budget so you have an organized home with all of your items tucked away in safe places.

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