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Create Overhead Storage by Using Steel Channel

Go into a friend’s spare room or garage and look up. You may be wondering why there are pieces of steel channel attached to the ceiling, especially because they don’t look like a decorative accent to the room. Yet why would someone hang these channels to the ceiling as they don’t seem to have any purpose there?

Steel Channels Are The Economical Way To Reduce Room Clutter

As families become bigger while homes start to feel smaller, people are looking for smart storage solutions that will allow them to gain more space in the house without having to sell off all their items. Storage containers and bins have become the answer. Yet these containers can still make a room feel cluttered when stacked along the walls. They can also create a hazard while stacked on top of each other, or block the natural light in the room when placed in front of windows.

While there are numerous storage ideas and solutions available at local retail stores, most of these solutions require people to spend money. What you may be looking for is a way to store things in the containers as you place the containers out of the way. In this manner, you can still enjoy working in the room or inside the garage.

Steel channels or pieces of angle iron have now become important storage solutions for people who want more space. These metals are attached to the ceiling, creating storage racks and sliding storage tracks. For people who love DIY projects, the steel channel is attached to the ceiling as the storage container can slide into the open end of the metal. The container can then hang by itself up on the ceiling.

People are also creating hanging storage racks to store a variety of different containers. The objects are out of the way and yet still within easy access with the use of a step ladder.

Before deciding if this method is the right storage solution for you, consider the height of the ceilings in your home or garage. You always want to allow enough clearance to pass underneath yet not be so high up that you have to stretch up precariously on the top rung of a ladder. Also ensure that the containers are mounted securely on the racks or sliding tracks. You don’t want the containers to fall and destroy your possessions or hurt anyone passing underneath them.

When searching for a company that sells steel channel in Houston, the first metal supplier to call is Texas Iron & Metal. We carry steel channels, angle irons and a variety of other new or surplus metal supplies in the region. Get organized and show off what you can do to create the perfect home without the massive clutter by using our metal products for your next home or garage project.

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