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Since 1939, Texas Iron and Metal has provided Houston with quality prime and Less-Than-Prime© steel.

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    Find Steel Beam at Texas Iron & Metal

    With Texas Iron & Metal, the products or materials you want are easily accessible! We sell steel beam, angle iron, surplus pipe and a variety of other prime and Less-Than-Prime® products in our yard and warehouse. We are one of the few yards in Houston that allows you to browse our inventory, including steel beam, in-person. We offer such a large supply because we are metal buyers that obtain our products from several different sources across North America, including foreclosed or closed businesses, project design changes and overstocked or surplus inventories. Texas Iron & Metal also makes our customer service a top priority. We deliver your steel beam and other orders exactly when you want them, whether it’s same-day or outside business hours. We empower our customers to keep their project running on-time and on their schedule, not ours. Call Texas Iron & Metal at 866.513.0737, or come visit our facility for all your steel beam needs.
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    Count on Texas Iron and Metal for the Best Price and Fastest Delivery of Steel Beam and Other Steel Products

    If you are in need of Steel beam, channel, angle iron or any other steel product, Texas Iron and Metal is the one to call. We offer the widest selection of steel products in Houston. We are one of the few steel dealers that allow our customers to come and browse our selection in person. If you are unable to come to us during our normal operating hours, simply contact us and we will arrange to assist you after our normal business hours. We strive to provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction in the industry and have been doing so since 1939.
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    Buy Quality Steel Beam Products and Materials

    [Posted on Dec 21] What exactly is a steel beam and how can it benefit you? If you work in the construction industry or in the home building industry, you undoubtedly, work with a lot of metal and foreign materials including steel. Steel is one of the hardest metal substances on earth. Steel is resistant to rust and corrosion and it is not easy to bend without using a special machine. No other metal can with hold the pressure of stainless steel. Steel is capable of supporting massive tons of weight without collapsing, bending or breaking. At Texas Iron and Metal, we service a large range of metal buyers. Steel beam metal buyers come to us from around the globe. We carry both prime and subprime metal and iron products. We are so confident of our products, that we allow others to come into our yard and browse our large selection of iron and metal materials. Our customers are our greatest priority. We process orders quickly and get them out to our customers as soon as possible. Our schedule is our customers schedule and we work to meet the needs of our customers; regardless of the size of their orders. We have one of the largest inventories of steel and metal products on the market. Our customers come to us from various industries, and from various parts of the world. A steel beam is used in the automotive and trucking industry. It is hard to find a vehicle now without been made from some type of metal. Televisions, skyscrapers, building ladders, towing bars and most household items are made from strong and durable steel and steel products. At Texas Metal and Iron, we pride ourselves on keeping a large supply of metals on hand. When our customers are working on a large project and need massive amounts of steel, we want to be the one to supply their needs. Our customers know they can trust and depend on us to deliver quality iron and metal materials. We supply the best metal because we buy the best. Our supplies come from suppliers that have gone into foreclosure, or that have an overflow of quality material to sell. We chose our inventory carefully. We deliver quality product on time and in time to any location. Our goal is to help our customers complete their project by supplying them with the best steel beam, metal and iron products. Unlike aluminum, tin, and cheap imitation steel, our steel products do rot, rust or corrode. We are confident of the products we sell, so that is why we sell only the highest quality. In the building, buying and supplying industry, a company is only as good as the products they carry and sell. At Texas Metal and Iron we have an excellent reputation of providing customers with great products and great customer services. We never stop working to fulfill our customers’ orders and provide good communication. Customers can come in, look around and see that a steel beam at Texas Metal and Iron is strong and durable. Bookmark and Share

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