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Steel and Energy Joined in Matrimony

Have you seen miles of windmills towering in the distance or solar panels lining the roofs of commercial and residential buildings? Steel makes these energy harvesting technologies possible. Both renewable and non-renewable sources require technology largely composed of steel. According to Zack’s Investment Research, the energy sector accounts for 10% of US steel consumption.

Technology that harvests renewable energy sources depends on steel for its structure. Steel forms the foundation for solar panels and wind turbines, reinforces dams, and ensures that tidal turbines can withstand the forces in marine environments. That means steel is essential for solar, hydroelectric, wind, wave and tidal renewable energy sources.

Steel is an essential component of the entire oil and gas industry chain, from drilling or fracking to transportation and distribution. Both hydraulic fracturing and standard oil wells contain casing—steel pipes that stabilize the wells and ensure water does not mix with natural gas or oil. Massive steel columns support oil rigs, while stainless steel square and rectangular hollow sections, U channels, and angle bars constitute much of the structural sections of the topside.

Underground steel pipelines distribute oil and gas below ground. Trucks and trains, largely composed of steel, transport fossil fuels over land. And ships, the hull of which are constructed with marine-grade steel plate, transport oil and gas on water.

Nuclear reactors use steel parts of all types and sizes due to the metal’s strength and durability. Certain small nuclear reactors may soon contain steel at their cores, making it a more cost-effective alternative to traditional fuel sources.

However the energy industry develops, steel will remain an integral part of every energy technology. Texas Iron and Metal is proud to play its role in powering your homes and businesses and supplying steel of all grades for your industrial and manufacturing needs as soon as you need it. Visit our stockyards to view our inventory or give us a call today at 713.672.7595.

Source: Zack’s Investment Research