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3 Strategic Ways to Reallocate Excess Budget After Saving Money on Surplus Steel

surplus steel Saying yet again how expensive steel is right now would probably be just as welcome as hitting you over the head with a great big mallet. Bonk. The truth hurts. Until supply catches up with the demand, steel will be outrageously pricey. Saving money wherever you can is the wise way to do business right now. Fortunately, we have all the surplus steel you could possibly need, and at great prices. You’re welcome to browse around in the yard or send us a request for a quote on whatever you need. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you. So, there’s that problem solved. Which brings us to the next one: What to do with your excess budget now that you’re saving money on surplus steel. We humbly submit a few ideas that might just help you get by in these trying times.

Treat Your Team

You know if you’re financially struggling right now, your workers are, too. Just remember they have a choice about where to work, and right now, a lot of America’s workforce is leaving businesses that don’t consider their needs. What better way to spend that excess budget after saving money on surplus steel than to let your team know how much you appreciate them? You could do this in several ways that won’t dip too deeply into your company pockets.

  • Gift cards for employees that go above and beyond on the job site
  • A bonus structure for team members that beat their deadlines
  • Give them an extra vacation day

You know your employees well enough to choose the right rewards. And even if spending the money stings a bit, nothing hurts worse than losing a good team member to a competitor.

Invest In Your Equipment

Saving money on surplus steel could give you the additional funds you need to make significant improvements to your equipment. Do your trucks need a tune up? Could some of your building equipment be replaced or refurbished? Is there a piece of machinery you’ve had your eye on but couldn’t afford…until now? It’s easy to let your company’s infrastructure slide a bit when you’re allocating your whole budget toward the materials you need for your projects. If you rely too long on that truck with the squeaky brakes or that forklift that’s been on the fritz, you’ll end up spending more money on repairs in the long run. Now’s the time to make significant improvements, perform long overdue maintenance, and add to your inventory. You might even save more money down the road!

Buy More Surplus Steel

Okay, this one might seem a little self-serving, but hear us out. Didn’t you already save a lot of money on your last project by purchasing Less-Than-Prime© steel? Didn’t you cut your budget by a significant amount when you took advantage of our latest Hot Stock Deal and got more steel than you thought possible for an itty-bitty price? It just makes sense to perpetuate the cycle. When you save money on a project by buying surplus metal, the smart move is to do that again and again…and again. You could get your business back on track more quickly than you ever thought possible. Since 1939, Texas Iron & Metal has been a family-owned and run business providing Houston with quality Prime and Less-Than-Prime© (LTP©) steel, pipe, and other industrial products. From carbon and alloy steel to stainless and aluminum, we stock a wide range of material in varying quantities across the US. With our knowledgeable staff committed to ensuring smooth transactions, we make it easy and quick for you to find what you need, purchase it, and load it up. At Texas Iron & Metal, we can provide the materials you want when you need them, with just one call. You want it, we’ve got it. That’s supply on demand!