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How to Save Money by Using Surplus Steel During Global Crisis

Surplus Steel

Like everything else, the global pandemic has taken its toll on the construction industry by causing production halts, material shortages, revenue loss, and more. From commercial to residential construction, not one area of the industry hasn’t felt the effects. As a result, many face the challenge of saving money where possible and attempt to recover losses, which can be, well - challenging.

Fortunately, there is one area that affords materials cost savings, and it’s a widely used product in construction. We’re talking about steel - specifically, surplus steel. This type of steel earns its name because it is essentially the leftover or “surplus” product that doesn’t qualify as prime steel, and it can be extra or unused steel parts from another construction project or recycled steel. No matter the origin, this steel surplus costs less and can be welded, cleaned, painted, and cut to order just like prime steel.

Considering surplus steel for your project has many benefits, cost savings included. It’s a high-quality material that’s durable and environmentally friendly.

Types of Projects That Can Benefit From Using Surplus Steel

Home Steel Construction

Surplus steel has limitless applications. Unless it is an application where very new, prime quality, mill-certified steel is required, surplus steel is a budget friendlier choice. If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to buy steel surplus or simply not considered it before, here are some typical applications for using it:

  • Construction & Home Renovations: Unless a job or project calls explicitly for prime quality steel, you can achieve significant savings using surplus steel on construction and renovation projects of all kinds - especially if you buy in bulk. Plus, steel’s durability ensures a well-built project that will last.
  • Shelving: Buying brand-new shelving systems can quickly add up. Steel surplus is a great, cost-effective alternative to new. Since most surplus steel is still in excellent condition, assembling a great looking steel rack can take little more than some simple refinishing, welding, and painting.
  • Fencing: When it comes to fencing, using surplus steel creates a durable and affordable option. Whether it’s a fence to hold livestock or keep a yard secure, the design options with surplus metal are limitless. From chain link, flat bar, or expanded metal, they’re all sturdy and durable fencing options on a budget if you go with surplus steel.
  • Sheds & Outdoor Covered Areas: Sheds or covered outdoor spaces are a great way to keep tools and materials safe from the elements. Whether it’s for commercial or residential use, you can build the entire structure from surplus steel, from supports to siding to roofing.

No matter the application, using steel surplus over brand new, prime-quality steel is a great way to save money on all types of building projects.

Potential Savings Achieved By Using Less-Than-Prime© Steel

LessThanPrime© (or LTP©) is the term we use for any type of material that may not be in good enough condition to sell as “prime quality”. LTP© steel could be overstock, odd size, rusty, clean, pitted, damaged, rejected, or miscut. Some LTP© products don’t have mill test reports available, which are often necessary for projects requiring prime-quality steel. LTP© should not be confused with scrap metal, which is of lower quality and is typically re-melted.

The beauty of LessThanPrime© steel is that it can be welded, cleaned, painted, and cut to order just like prime steel, but it can save you anywhere from 10-40% or more depending on the type of material, which can mean considerable cost-savings!

Benefits of Using Surplus Steel

Using surplus steel isn’t only good for the bottom line - it’s also better for the planet. Did you know that steel is almost 100% recyclable? It’s also an extremely durable product that can last a lifetime when properly installed, coated, and sealed. Let’s explore the many benefits there are to buy surplus steel over other materials.

Steel Recycling

Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that real estate is responsible for about 40% of the world’s energy consumption, emits 30% of all greenhouse gases, and consumes 40% of all raw materials? Now more than ever, industry leaders are exploring more environmentally friendly construction practices to reduce their carbon footprint - like using steel.

Steel is nearly 100% recyclable, and it lasts longer than most building materials - both of which make it one of the most earth-friendly materials available. Plus, using steel surplus reduces the consumption of other valuable resources, like wood, along with the energy used to mine them.

Significant Cost Reduction

As we mentioned earlier, choosing to buy surplus steel can realize 10-40% savings or more on average, depending on the material. Your steel can also be cut and sheared off-site, which can speed up installation and project completion. Faster timelines also equal savings - it’s a win-win!

Surplus Steel Retains High Quality

Nearly 90% of steel is recycled and reused. It is one of the most durable materials available, and it does not lose strength even after recycling. Steel can withstand extreme weather conditions and is widely used for applications we take for granted - buildings, cars, tools, storage containers, and more.

Opting to buy surplus steel for your next project is not just cost-effective and eco-friendly, but it can also future-proof your work more than almost any other material.

Reduced Waste

Since so much steel is reused and recycled, it rarely ends up in landfills. Also, technological advances make fabricating and cutting steel more precise and efficient than ever. And finally, since steel so recyclable, you can sell your scraps and unused steel for recycling and reuse. So, as you can see, steel surplus is simply a win-win-win.

Vast Offer of Surplus Steel

Texas Iron and Metal has one of the most comprehensive on-demand prime and steel surplus selections Houston has to offer. In fact, we are one of the few suppliers in the state that still allows our customers to walk through our steelyard. You can visit us and see first-hand just how massive our inventory really is.

In addition to both Prime and Less-Than-Prime© (LTP©) steel and pipe, we also offer saw and flame cutting to make your job easier and more efficient. We provide fast on-site loading as well as delivery options. We’re here to help you save time and money on your steel-related projects. Check our inventory anytime online at - or call one of our steel experts at 713.929.2008.