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Prime Steel I-Beam

Texas Iron & Metal started serving customers in the 1920s. Whether you need a standard I-beam for a project or are looking for something else, we want to work with you.

The I-beam got its name from the shape of the steel beam, which looks like the capital letter "I." The horizontal parts are referred to as flanges, while the vertical portion is called a web. The web helps resist shear forces, and the flanges resist bending. Because of this, the standard I-beam is able to bear large amounts of pressure and still maintain stability. We also have an abundance of surplus Less-Than-Prime steel I-beam for sale that offer all the benefits of prime steel.

Texas Iron & Metal is located in Houston, Texas. Whether you are in the market for one standard I-beam or hundreds of them, contact us to request a quote. We offer local and nationwide service.


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How Is a Standard I-beam Used?

I-beams are commonly used in the construction of buildings and bridges. To ensure the best support, consider the weight, tension, force, and compression requirements of the structure you are building. If minimal weight and pressure will be supported, then a smaller size I-beam is sufficient. However, if the planned structure is heavy, a thicker I-beam is needed.

Texas Iron & Metal is a prime standard steel I-beam supplier with a wide variety of sizes of standard I-beams and junior beams. The size ranges are as follows:

  • Weight per foot: 4.4 to 121 pounds per foot
  • Web thickness: 0.114 to 0.800
  • Flange width: 1.844 to 8.050
  • Flange thickness: 0.171 to 1.090

We want to be your one-stop shop for I-beams, so if we do not carry the size you need, let us know.

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IB1025410 @ 25.4# I-BEAM
IB103510 @ 35# I-BEAM
IB10910 @ 9# JR. I-BEAM
IB1211812 @ 11.8# JR. I-BEAM
IB1231812 @ 31.8# I-BEAM
IB123512 @ 35# I-BEAM
IB1240812 @ 40.8# I-BEAM
IB125012 @ 50# I-BEAM
IB1542915 @ 42.9# I-BEAM
IB155015 @ 50# I-BEAM
IB1854718 @ 54.7# I-BEAM
IB187018 @ 70# I-BEAM
IB206620 @ 66# I-BEAM
IB209620 @ 96# I-BEAM
IB2410024 @ 100# I-BEAM
IB2410624 @ 106# I-BEAM
IB245524 @ 55# I-BEAM
IB247624 @ 76# I BEAM
IB248024 @ 80# I-BEAM
IB249024 @ 90# I-BEAM
IB3573 @ 5.7# I-BEAM
IB3753 @ 7.5# I-BEAM
IB4774 @ 7.7# I-BEAM
IB4954 @ 9.5# I-BEAM
IB5105 @ 10# I-BEAM
IB514755 @ 14.75# I-BEAM
IB617256 @ 17.25# I-BEAM
IB61256 @12.5# I-BEAM
IB81848 @ 18.4# I-BEAM
IB8238 @ 23# I-BEAM

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