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Prime Steel Channel

Channel, sometimes called channel iron or structural steel channel, is a rolled steel iron bar featuring a C or U shape. It consists of a wide web (broader side) and two perpendicular flanges (narrow sides) that join at right angles. The inside corners of the steel channels offer enhanced strength and rigidity while the channel shape offers superior structural support. 

As your premier steel channel supplier, Texas Iron & Metal stocks all different sizes of both prime and surplus steel channel for sale, including standard, bar, and miscellaneous channels. Regardless of the structural load or application, we have the steel channel products for your project!

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Steel channel is a versatile product and the variations of shape, size, and web thickness help determine the use. For example, the larger the load, the greater the cross-section thickness and flanges size you will need. Other use considerations include applied force, weight carried, and degree of tension and compression. Other benefits of our steel channel products include:

  • low cost
  • high strength-to-weight ratio
  • corrosion resistance
  • and easy workability

These properties make it an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications and industries.

Applications and Industries

Some common applications for steel channel include:

  • industrial door frames
  • pipe stakes
  • ship repair and ship building
  • storage racks
  • truck/trailer repair 

Dues to its outstanding structural support qualities, it is most often used in the following industries:

  • construction (both residential and commercial)
  • automotive
  • transportation
  • and marine industries


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CHB11212181 1/2" X 1/2" X 1/8" BAR CHANNEL
CHB11412181 1/4" X 1/2" x 1/8" BAR CHANNEL
CHB112181" x 1/2" x 1/8" BAR CHANNEL
CH1015310 X 15.3# CHANNEL
CH102010 X 20# CHANNEL
MC1021910 X 21.9# MISC. CHANNEL
MC102210 X 22# MISC. CHANNEL
CH102510 X 25# CHANNEL
MC102510 X 25# MISC. CHANNEL
MC1028510 X 28.5# MISC. CHANNEL
CH103010 X 30# CHANNEL
MC1033610 X 33.6# MISC. CHANNEL
MC1041110 X 41.1# MISC. CHANNEL
CH106510 X 6.5# JR. CHANNEL
CH108410 X 8.4# JR. CHANNEL
CH1210612 X 10.6# JR. CHANNEL
MC1210612 X 10.6# MISC. CHANNEL
CH1220712 X 20.7# CHANNEL
MC123112 X 31# MISC. CHANNEL
MC1232912 X 32.9# MISC. CHANNEL
MC123512 X 35# MISC. CHANNEL
MC124012 X 40# MISC. CHANNEL
MC124512 X 45# MISC. CHANNEL
MC125012 X 50# MISC. CHANNEL
MC1331813 X 31.8# MISC. CHANNEL
MC133513 X 35# MISC. CHANNEL
MC134013 X 40# MISC. CHANNEL
MC135013 X 50# MISC. CHANNEL
CH1533915 X 33.9# CHANNEL
MC1842718 X 42.7# MISC. CHANNEL
MC1845818 X 45.8# MISC. CHANNEL
MC1851918 X 51.9# MISC. CHANNEL
MC185818 X 58# MISC. CHANNEL
CHB21182" x 1" x 1/8" BAR CHANNEL
CHB213162" x 1" x 3/16" BAR CHANNEL
CHB212182" x 1/2" x 1/8" BAR CHANNEL
CH3353 X 3.5# CHANNEL
CH3413 X 4.1# CHANNEL
CH353 X 5.0# CHANNEL
CH363 X 6.0# CHANNEL
MC41384 X 13.8# MISC. CHANNEL
CH4544 X 5.4# CHANNEL
CH46254 X 6.25# CHANNEL
CH47254 X 7.25# CHANNEL
CH5675 X 6.7# CHANNEL
CH595 X 9.0# CHANNEL
CH61056 X 10.5# CHANNEL
MC6126 X 12.0# MISC. CHANNEL
CH6136 X 13# CHANNEL
MC61516 X 15.1# MISC. CHANNEL
MC61536 X 15.3# MISC. CHANNEL
MC61636 X 16.3# MISC. CHANNEL
CH6826 X 8.2# CHANNEL
CH712257 X 12.25# CHANNEL
MC71917 X 19.1# MISC. CHANNEL
MC72277 X 22.7# MISC. CHANNEL
CH7987 X 9.8# CHANNEL
CH81158 X 11.5# CHANNEL
CH813758 X 13.75# CHANNEL
MC81878 X 18.7# MISC. CHANNEL
CH818758 X 18.75# CHANNEL
MC82148 X 21.4# MISC. CHANNEL
MC82288 X 22.8# MISC. CHANNEL
CH91349 X 13.4# CHANNEL
MC92399 X 23.9# MISC. CHANNEL
MC92549 X 25.4# MISC. CHANNEL

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Texas Iron & Metal offers the largest supply of surplus steel in Texas, including surplus steel channel for sale. While prime steel may be the preferred option for many projects, Less-Than-Prime (LTP©) steel is an extremely viable and cost-saving alternative. In most cases, Less-Than-Prime steel channel iron is just as strong as prime steel with visible imperfections. Due to surface defects, odd shapes, and miscuts, these steel pieces can be purchased at a discount, which means more savings for you!

Contact one of our steel experts to help you determine if Less-Than-Prime steel is a cost-effective option for your next steel channel project. 

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While “Texas” is in our name, Texas Iron & Metal has grown from a local to regional to nationwide supplier of both prime and surplus steel and pipe. We strive to be your one-stop provider for all your steel needs by offering value-added services such as saw cutting, shearing, punching, and iron working.

We stock both prime and surplus steel and pipes in thousands of shapes, sizes, grades, and lengths in our 10-acre facility located minutes from downtown Houston. Our central location allows us to quickly ship our inventory locally, regionally, and nationally in the most cost-effective way. Whether it is a bulk order or a few pieces, we require short lead times and guarantee your order is shipped to your work location so you can keep your projects moving. For local customers, we also offer same-day pickup and delivery options.

Interested in purchasing prime or less-than-prime steel channels today? Or do you have questions about our steel channel for sale? Contact one of our steel experts to help you with all your steel supply and service needs. Give us a call at 713.672.7595 today. 

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