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Metal Supply in Houston Doesn't Need to be a Rat Race to Secure

As most in construction are aware, planning for resources ahead of time is key to keeping projects on track, and metal supply in Houston as well as other areas is no exception to this practice. A major structural project can be quickly stopped in its tracks without the right level of supply coming in on time as the construction reaches demand points for new materials. Particularly in the early part of the structure build, when metal framing is critical for the rest of the build to take place, metal supply has to be on track and ready to go.

Houston steel ebbs and flows with market demand, just like any other major region with construction projects occurring. As more projects come online and increase demand for metal supply in Houston, the local inventory can dwindle quickly, especially with one or two big buyers suddenly gobbling up available supply on short notice. This kind of scenario can be avoided altogether, however, with hedging contracts and project phase scheduling that anticipates supply needs well ahead of the project steps. Using these tools also ensures that when the project reaches critical points of supply, the materials are accounted for, owned and ready to go into the build without hesitation. Chasing for supply before someone else gets to it is no longer an issue.

Projections for the Texas region continue to boom, particularly in areas of construction and suppliers that feed into those projects. IHS' Global Report for 2014 short-term is expecting that Texas construction is going to regain lost ground and grow significantly, being one of the leading industry sectors for the state in the near future. Other parts of the region are also seeing or expect to see increased demands for metal piping and products due to booms in energy mining and harvesting. All of these factors will contribute to serious reductions in inventory of metal supply in Houston and other supply areas.

Texas Iron & Metal is no stranger to heavy demand construction projects requiring metal supply in Houston. Their metal inventory includes all the major categories such as plating, I-beams, channels, angle and flat bar, rounded rod, rebar, hex bar, welding rods and more. Texas Iron also carries heavy inventory for structural plumbing as well, including all pipe sizes ranging from basic water and gas transit to full size industrial sewer system piping for commercial structures. Project managers don't need to gamble their schedule and delivery dates on open-ended inventory supplies. Working with Texas Iron & Metal solves the metal supply-side problem, and focuses project energy back where it belongs.

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