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Metal Supply in Houston: Find Rebar and More

Texas Iron & Metal has a wide range of metal supply in Houston to choose from, like those used in concrete construction. Rebar is one such metal that can be found here, and it comes in six different sizes, so all your rebar needs are sure to be met.

Rebar, which is more or less a nickname for reinforcing bar, is sometimes known as reinforcing steel or ramrod. It is a steel bar that is commonly used for reinforcing concrete or masonry structures. Its purpose is to help keep the concrete compressed, and it is often made with ridges around the bar to help better anchor the metal to the concrete after it dries.

Though rebar is now offered as metal supply in Houston and other cities around the world, it was first used over 150 years ago. In fact, it was part of Russia’s Leaning Tower of Nevyansk, though no one is quite sure why it was used on that particular structure. However, one can see that the cast iron used to create the structure has stood the test of time, as it has not corroded even to this day.

Today, rebar is used to help strengthen concrete, which is often very weak in tension. Therefore, the rebar helps to carry the tensile loads of a structure, making the reinforced structures much safer.