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Using the Recycled Metal Supply in Houston to Make New Products

The recycled metal supply in Houston can be used to make new products that not only save vital resources but use less energy as well. Converting ore to usable steel costs money and uses vast amounts of energy. Recycling steel eliminates many of the initial steps that must be taken before metal ore can be turned into a usable commodity. Thousands of pounds of steel are being turned into recycling centers every day to be melted down and molded into new products. This process eliminates the need for ore to be mined and keeps metal from ending up in landfills and rusting away.

Houston steel foundries encourage the recycling of many types of metals. Steel, copper, tin and aluminum are equally profitable if the consumer has taken the time to remove plastics and other non-metal components. Metals that are brought in devoid of any contaminants will bring a fair price at any recycling center. These metals are easily melted down and used to make new products. Items that have two or more types of metals can still be recycled, but will be purchased at a much lower price than premium metals that are considered to be "clean".

When a mixture of metals are melted together, the end product is called an alloy. While it is still considered structurally sound it may not be able to be used in the same way as metal that is considered to be 95 to 100 percent pure. Foundries responsible for the metal supply in Houston take great care to record what types of metals are in each batch of recyclables.

Manufacturers will often request the metals they use to be a specific percentage of steel, copper, aluminum, etc. Companies that make metal castings for automotive parts like intake manifolds or engine blocks require the metals they use to be a specific grade or percentage of aluminum or steel. Foundries that specialize in a specific type of metal supply in Houston will often refuse loads of recyclable metals that are heavily contaminated. This allows them to keep their metals as pure as possible and reduce the risk of producing objects that are structurally weak.

When certain products, such as steel beams and angle iron are manufactured, fresh iron ore may be added to the mixture of recycled metals to strengthen and stabilize it. This makes the finished product much stronger than if it had been poured with a steel that included modest amounts of other types of metals. Companies that guarantee the metal supply in Houston set specific standards as to how much of any type of metal can be included in a finished product for it to be considered stable enough for use. Metal beams that are to be used in the construction of buildings, for example, are held to extremely high standards to protect the structure and ensure its stability.

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