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Since 1939, Texas Iron and Metal has provided Houston with quality prime and Less-Than-Prime© steel.

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    Texas Iron & Metal is One of the Premier Metal Buyers in the U.S.

    Texas Iron & Metal has been among the top metal buyers and steel suppliers in Houston since 1939, largely due to the impressive size and quality of our inventory. We buy metal and surplus pipe from all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico, from foreclosed or closed businesses, project design changes or from overstocked or surplus inventories. With our choice of prime and Less-than-Prime® products, we also are able to offer customers a wide range of options to fit within their budgets, without sacrificing quality.

    Texas Iron & Metal is among the few metal buyers and steel dealers that keeps its customers’ needs in mind. We are one of the few metal buyers in Houston that allows you to browse our steel and pipe yard and warehouse in-person. For certain prime products and materials, we can verify quality and provide mill reports (not available for Less-than-Prime® products and materials). Lastly, Texas Iron & Metal will arrange to have your order delivered to you when you need it, whether that is same-day or outside business hours. Our focus on service allows you to focus on what’s really important to you — your upcoming project.

    For more information on the metal buyers at Texas Iron & Metal, call 888.940.3286 or visit our facility.

    Featured Article:

    Tips for Selling Scrap to Metal Buyers

    [Posted on Dec 07]

    Selling scrap metal can be a good way to make some extra money in a tight economy or when you need a little extra money in a pinch. Metal buyers have certain stipulations when it comes to what types of scrap metal they will purchase and the top metal companies, those who pay top dollar for the best quality metals, probably won’t have much to do with you. However, you can still probably make some money if you happen to have a number of old metal items laying around your home or property or have access to a decent amount of metal scrap that needs to be disposed of. Check out some tips for what you should look for if you’re considering making some ancillary income in the scrap metal game.


    Every product that has metal in it has some value to a scrap metal yard, but these amounts vary greatly. So start doing your research on what the market will bear by talking to a few metal buyers about what ranges of money they will give you for different metal items. For example, pots and pans from the kitchen that you don’t use anymore are worth a couple dollars apiece. Broken stainless steel grills that people regularly throw out are worth around one hundred dollars as scrap metal. Knowing what exactly to look for will help you pinpoint certain types of metal scrap to collect and sell.


    A few things will be required to really get you started if you want to start selling scrap metal on a part-time or even regular basis to metal buyers. The first is a place to store your scrap metal. These scrap metal items will need a place to wait to be sold for a day or so and also kept safe, so no one else can take them and try to sell them. You’ll also need a buyer or three who will buy your scrap metal. Different metal buyers have different needs at different times, so while they might be buying one week, they might not be buying other weeks. Or they may want a different type of metal in their inventory. You’ll also need a way to transport your scrap metal easily, by getting a large truck where you can easily put found pieces of scrap metal in the back and move it from place to place. Tools are also key for the salvaging of scrap metal, as you may have to tear different pieces of scrap metal apart to transport it easily or to get to the really valuable pieces.


    There are certain scrap metal parts you won’t be able to sell. This doesn’t mean you should throw these out, but rather save them, as you can sell most of it to be recycled at a later date. So if your go to metal buyer doesn’t want certain items you are selling, put these seemingly worthless pieces of scrap metal in a pile. You’ll be able to sell all of it in bulk at some later date.

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