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Prime: Highest grade steel available that must meet very strict requirements and has quality certificates

Surplus: Steel that may be of similar quality to prime or may have minor defects, but is still suitable for many uses; also known as Less-Than-Prime©

Welded: Metal that has been joined together using electricity and welding rods or wires, through a heating and melting process

Seamless: A tube or pipe that is one homogenous piece; without seams

Galvanized: Steel that has a thin layer of zinc or zinc-aluminum alloy to provide corrosion resistance

Threaded: Spiral ridges that make it possible to join pieces together with fittings

CR/CF: Cold rolled/finished; steel that has been rolled and reduced to make its surface more uniform with stronger tolerances

HR: Hot rolled; steel that has been rolled on a hot strip mill to reduce thickness

Cut-to-Length: Material that is cut to the customer’s specifications

Texas Iron & Metal: The best place to get Prime and Less-than-Prime© for any project of any size

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