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See if you passed our Back-To-Steel Pop Quiz!

  1. Superman is also known as the Man of ________.
    Answer: Steel
  2. Can you guess this product? It’s a vertical post, usually arranged in a line to obstruct the passing of motor vehicles. They are commonly seen at the entrance to retail stores and around industrial complexes.
    Answer: Bollard
  3. What metal helps keeps ships afloat?
    Answer: Steel
  4. At Texas Iron & Metal, where do we offer FREE delivery?
    Answer: Houston
  5. Which Marvel Avenger did Robert Downey, Jr. play?
    Answer: Iron Man
  6. Does Texas Iron & Metal buy, sell, or buy and sell steel and other industrial products?
    Answer: Buy and sell
  7. What NFL team claims more Super Bowl victories than any other team?
    Answer: Pittsburgh Steelers
  8. What type of steel is similar to Prime but could be overstock, rusty, clean, miscut or just a great buy because it saves customers 10 to 40%?
    Answer: Less-Than-Prime© steel
  9. What metal are The Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and the United States Capitol made from?
    Answer: Iron
  10. What decade was Texas Iron & Metal founded?
    Answer: 1920s

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