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Houston Steel Foundries and Construction Regulations

Houston steel companies work with construction companies to provide the highest quality materials available to be used in a variety of projects. Building codes and regulations often require specific types of materials to be used in the construction of the building to help stabilize it and make sure it is structurally sound. Large steel beams are required in load bearing walls to prevent the building from being compromised or structurally weak. Steel beams provide stability with less shifting and settling than wood and will not deteriorate over time.

Both federal and state agencies have put in place regulations and state building codes that must be followed when new structures are built. Angle iron and other types of steel beams are used in the infrastructure of a building to increase strength and stability. Large buildings with several stories require a strong, steel infrastructure to support the massive amount of weight of the floors and their eventual contents. To comply with state and federal building codes, specific types and sizes of beams must be used in the construction process. The structural stability of a building is vitally important to ensure the safety of individuals who will work, reside or visit the property.

Houston steel foundries and manufacturers that form beams, girders, rebar and other iron pieces used in the construction of office buildings, warehouses and homes are required to use exact formulations of metals in their pouring process. Each girder used in the construction of a new building must meet certain standards and requirements to stay within government regulations. Construction companies rely on the manufacturer to produce quality product on a consistent basis so their buildings will pass inspection and meet every aspect of state and federal building codes.

Foundries use both raw ore and recycled metals in their manufacturing processes. Companies are aware of the regulations requiring the use of each and Houston steel foundries work within specific protocols to make sure the ingots they produce meet the specifications of the industry that will be purchasing them. Casting plants in the automotive industry may have different formula specifications than those who manufacture steel beams and girders for construction projects. Large casting facilities purchase the ingots, remelt them and pour them into shaped molds to form the beams and rods they need.

Houston steel companies continually check the composition of their metals during the smelting process. This ensures the metal being used is of the right grade and quality to meet the standards of the construction company as well as help them to remain in compliance with federal and state building codes and regulations. Buildings are often inspected several times during the construction process to make sure the company and the products being used are compliant with government standards.

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