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Recycling Clean Metals to Houston Steel Foundaries Offers Better Prices

Houston steel foundries offer top pricing to recyclers who bring in “clean” metal. For a person to receive the best price for their steel it must have everything removed that is not metal in nature. For example, if a person is recycling a car all glass, rubber, seats, plastic and foam must be removed for it to be considered clean metal. Bringing metal into a recycling center that still has plastic and rubber components means extra time must be taken to remove them before the metal can be melted down. In this situation, the metal is considered to be “dirty” and will be purchased for less than metal that has been completely stripped.

When angle iron is recycled, it is more than likely in a clean state. Other types of metal that are often recycled include fencing, aluminum window frames, aluminum siding, steel tire rims, steel tubing and metal cabinets. Taking the time to remove non-metal materials will help a person get the most out of their recyclable metals. While some things may not be easy to remove, it is actually the percentage of contaminants left behind that will determine what price you receive.

Some foundries that deal with the recycling steel and iron may refuse to accept metals if they have not be cleaned properly. Houston steel recyclers cannot make a profit if the majority of their time is cleaning debris and contaminants off of the metals that are brought in by consumers. A few recyclers may offer incentives to individuals who deal in scrap metal and take the time to make sure the metal they bring in has less than 5 percent contamination. It is well worth their while to compensate consumers who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure the metal is completely clean.

Houston steel foundries that recycle steel and turn it into beams and iron bars often have a chart that allows for a percentage of contaminated metal per ton. If the metal brought in falls within a certain percentage, the highest premium is paid. The more contaminants that are present, less money will be paid to the consumer.

Individuals who do not know much about recycling can be quite confused about the prices offered for certain types of metal. Each type of metal will sell for a specific price per ton. Aluminum and steel are completely different when it comes to their composition and how they are melted down and used. When aluminum is brought in to be recycled, it will be considered “dirty” if it has too many steel parts or components. Houston steel recyclers will also consider the same to be true for steel that is brought in for recycling. It is best to always separate the metals before they are brought in to get the top dollar for both.