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Four reasons to talk to us about your surplus steel

When it comes to surplus steel we're the go-to guys. We like to make our inventory work harder so we're always eager to sell any excess stock at attractive prices. And it works the other way too. We'll buy other folks' excess material, whether plate, bar, channel or pipe, to ensure we're well stocked with Prime and Less-than-Prime steel. If you're wondering what to do with that unneeded material taking up space on your job site or in your yard, or you know someone else who is, here are four reasons why you should call us.

1. Cash is King

That might look like surplus steel sitting out in your yard but the reality is, it's money. Money that you've paid out and might even be paying interest on. A CPA might call it an asset, but as the folks at HSBC Bank point out, it's not doing you any favors just sitting there. Turning it into cash could improve the financial position of your business. You could be using the money to pay down debt or invest in projects that generate a better return, so sell us your surplus!

2. Space is money

It's not just the racks and pallets, steel storage needs room for fork trucks to move around. (We know; we stock a lot of steel!) Your surplus steel is taking up room that could be put to better use, like your next big project. You'd hate to turn work down for lack of room, and you certainly don't want to be paying rent or taxes on more space than you need, so ask us to help you clear it out.

3. Hard to sell it yourself

Yes you could could search for a buyer on-line, but chances are, no one knows you as a source of steel. Texas Iron & Metal on the other hand has been in the business for 74 years. When it comes to steel supply Houston knows us better than anyone. That gives us access to surplus steel buyers that you can't reach, plus, we're in a great location close to Houston's downtown, and we'll deliver.

4. Finders fees

Perhaps you worked on a project where there was a lot of steel left over. Maybe a project was canceled part way thorough, or the architect or client changed their minds. These things happen, and often result in a pile of unused material. If you know where there's steel that's not needed, contact us. If we're able to do a deal on someone's surplus steel we'll even pay a finders fee.

If you've got steel on your hands, Texas Iron & Metal will buy it. We'll help you turn pipe, plate, angle, channel and even floor plate into cash. That's money that could be helping to grow your business rather than sitting on racks in your yard, so talk to us.

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