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Fireworks Wouldn’t be Possible without Steel.

As you looked up into the sky on Independence Day and saw the beautiful fireworks display, did you think about how fireworks are made? Did you know steel actually plays an important role in their creation? In fact, the same elements that can be found in steel also make up fireworks. First made in China over 1,000 years ago, fireworks have more in common with steel than you thought!


The bright colors fireworks are known for are produced by burning small pieces of metal, such as iron or steel filings. The carbon content found in steel adds to the brilliance of the sparks. Once ignited, the firework is propelled into the sky, causing iron filings and metal salts to explode in different colors.

Aluminum & Titanium

Often found in sparklers, aluminum produces silver and white flames and sparks. The ejection of burning metal produces the spark, which is why depending on the metal, your sparkler will have a different color to it. For example, Aluminum sparkles will produce bright yellow while Titanium sparklers will appear a bright white.


Phosphorous creates glow-in-the-dark effects and adds an element of surprise — it burns spontaneously in air. Specifically, red phosphorus is used in fireworks, as well as other holiday products like smoke bombs.

Carbon & Sulfur

Both of these elements provide the fuel for a firework. Carbon is a main component that helps propel fireworks into the scar. Sulfur is also important as it is also a component of black powder, a chemical explosive.

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