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What types of products can be found at a Houston steel supplier?

Have a project in mind but not sure if your local steel supplier will have in stock? Here are some of the most common products that can be found at the local Houston supply shop:
  • Structural Beams & Bars.   Steel beams are the bones of many a construction project. They are what make bridges, towers, commercial buldings, and scaffolding safe and possible and can be found at most any steel supplier.
  • Piping & Tubing.   Steel pipes don’t necessarily have to round in their cross-section. Your local supplier will also have a variety of square and rectangular piping and tubing for use in industrial, public utility, food processing, and other applications.
  • Steel Plate.   Steel can also be rolled out into large plates for uses both in heavy construction products, such as ship building, and smaller consumer products, such as handyman toolboxes.
  • Steel Shot.  In addition to these large products, steel suppliers also carries very small aspects of steel such as in steel shot that can be used as ball bearings and ammunition.

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