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September 5, 2016

What type of uses are there for the products found at steel dealers? Steel dealers specialize in purchasing and selling quality surplus metal and steel. This includes extra unused steel from worksites, recycled metal products, and warehouse surpluses. Steel dealers buy up these excess materials so that they can go on to fulfill a variety of new purposes, including:
  • Industrial applications.  Perhaps most obvious, but there are near limitless possibilities for surplus metal in the industrial sector. A few of the more popular ones include creating barriers, temporary staging areas, bulkheads, and dock pilings.
  • Home remodeling projects.   Steel dealers can be a goldmine of a source for the handy homeowner. Surplus steel can be used in everything from structural supports to finishing touches, like in creating a custom bathroom counter.
  • General, all-purpose uses.  Surplus steel dealers can also help with sourcing metal materials for all purposes in-between. Have an artistic sculpture you want to do? No problem. Need fencing options? Steel dealers have you covered. Surplus piping, in particular, is always in high demand for landscaping and renovation projects.

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