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October 3, 2016

How Recyclers  Transform Rusted Ships into Valuable Scrap Steel The Port of Houston is one of the world’s busiest ports, alive with hulking commercial and military ships. However, even the toughest steel-hulled ship will eventually succumb to the trials of time and sea, and thus must be broken down so that the valuable scrap steel Houston can be reused. Nearly every part of the ship can be dismantled and recycled in a process known as ship-breaking, including the ship’s steel hulls, its metal flooring, stairwells, and other integrated components. It’s a hard job and takes a team of seasoned professionals as the ship must be pulled into place with a system of motorized cables and heavy chains that can be lethal should they break. Such dangers have led to many of the world’s ship-breaking to occur in countries with low labor oversight laws. However, U.S. laws, for obvious reasons, don’t allow for any naval ships to be sent for scrapping overseas. This has led to Houston’s nearby Brownsville being America’s biggest and best ship-breaking nexus and our favorite source for reclaimed steel in Houston.

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