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October 14, 2016

Industries That Use Steel in Houston TX Houston, TX loves its steel. It is a growing metropolitan port city defined by the three industries that are the largest steel consumers by sector: Construction, transport, and machinery/manufacturing. Each of these industries is always in need of both general-purpose and specially manufactured steel products in just a few of these key ways:
  • Construction uses of steel in Houston TX include H beams and similar shapes, structural pipes, galvanized steel sheets for roofing, and steel to construct the construction equipment itself.
  • Transport uses most famously revolve around the Port of Houston. This is one of the world’s largest shipping ports and is constantly requiring steel for use in repairing ships, building marine equipment and hardware, and construction of docks and bulkheads.
  • Oil and gas uses for steel in Houston TX range from stainless steel piping in drilling and production wells to steel valves and vats manufactured as part of the petroleum refining process.
Because steel has a natural resistance to corrosion, it is naturally a great all-around choice for use in Houston’s coastal environment.

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